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I am here as the founder of Black Talons (2001) on behalf of our current members looking for some specific types of people to join our ranks.

As in brackets above, we were first born in 2001 in board games soon moving onto the Mechwarrior scene as a clan/guild. We are based on a few tight members whom take pleasure in all that PvP has to bring to the table. This is to include some of the more dirty tactics of griefing, and taunting. We believe in quality over quantity, and will NOT be a large guild.

We are a mature guild, consisting of members 25 and older. We have zero inner drama and only wish to bring it to the game we currently reside in. We do not troll forums, and we do not harass other players on forums other than our own. We respect our opponents, but do not give any slack. We will do whatever to win (without cheats, hacks and 3rd party programs).

We are currently looking for this in players:

1) Love organized PvP ( Must use Vent )
2) Be over 21
3) Bring no drama, only create in game with Fleet
4) Be self sufficient in game ( We do not babysit, help yes, hold hand.. no )
5) Able to follow commands in both ground/space combat
6) Want to play Science/Tactical

If you think you might be able to bring these qualities to the table, be active and play Klingon please come to our website and App-Up!

Black Talons

Thank you for your time and hope to continue to assist our Klingon Brothers in crushing the Feds!


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