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Ok, what is up with this thing?

Whenever I go anywhere near it I instantly have aggro and multiple lance strikes hitting me.
Just now I was just flying around not taking a single shot at it and it kept targeting me instead of the other players who engaged it sooner and actually fought the thing.

Last night I was one shot at a distance of just under 15kmbefore even getting into weapons range!!!

This is no normal aggro mechanic, so what am I doing wrong here?

Similar thing happened to me the other day in Undine Assault, though not as pronounced.

During the whole fight with the planet killer at the end it kept shooting at me exclusively. Here I can't say, if it was because I was the player with the actual highest threat level.
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09-18-2014, 06:01 AM
The Queen and the Planet Killers dont care about tanks, they have a random target-selection.

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today the planet killer kill me even though 15 km is funny because of he won't shut the others

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Yesterday, 07:05 PM
yah the planet killers kinda suck

One thing that i've found which helps is the more targettable items there are the less likely it is to target you. If there are lots of things like hyper plasma torpedoes, mines, destructible torpedoes, warp shadows, photonic fleet, nimbus pirate call, fleet distress then you might not get targetted. But the attack has a penetrate effect. So if it targets something between you and itself you will get hit. If you are streaming a bunch of rom hyper plasma at the PK and it targets one of them and you are stationary it will hit the hyperplasma and continue on to you.
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Today, 04:19 AM
pretty sure the PKs can hit you from up to 20-25k away.

they'll however focus on pets and spam (nimbus, mines, photonic fleets, etc...) over anything else.
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i want that weapon and tops that can 1 shot you and the most fun part is when the planet killer don't show up and the other options

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