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As I see it, space combat is rather good at the moment, but ground combat could definitely use some improvements. I'm not looking forward to ground combat missions at the moment, so something is wrong here.

My suggestions to improve on this:

1) We *need* a command queue. Absolutely. Currently ground combat involves spamming skill buttons to get skills off after cooldowns. You can not currently queue any skill, be that a repeat of the current one, or a different one, until the cooldown is off.

Being able to simply press any skill to queue it and have it activate once the current skill is done would pace the combat nicely and let us focus on what's going on on the screen, instead of on which key to spam on the skills bar. Cryptic's other title, Champions Online does this, and it works very well.

2) Bring back the ability to set one ground skill to auto-repeat, like in space. Again, Champions Online has this and it works really well. It would reduce the amount of keyboard spam needed to just use the basic attack, and let us focus more on moving and using other skills.

3) AI crew control. The crew function to set and remove rally point *must* be added as a key bind. That little button above the team view is much to small to use effectively during combat.

4) AI crew should use deployed buffs. Currently I can not see AI crew use things like deployed shield generators, but will happily sit right outside it with no shields. This needs to be fixed.

5) AI crew should react to enemy area/environmental effects. Currently I do not see AI crew try to avoid the big red mortar targeting effect at all. AI should at least have a chance to react and move out of the center of it.

6) A minor issue, but a really annoying one none the less. Deployed engineer turrets should face the target their are shooting at. The current scan animation should only play while the turret has no target.

- Bek

Edit: Some of these should go in Combat feedback, but don't want to make a second thread :p

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