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So as stated this is about the seams all over our toons...

With the winter jackets there is a very large obvious seam were the upper body meats the lower body with some outfits, namely the cropped winter jackets paired with skirts or the flower band on Orions. But there are other outfits that don't match up well at all either.

Ferasans and Catians are a joke. I don't think they even tried to blend the textures together on them. There are huge neck seams and if you get the new Risa beach outfit the paws don't even remotely match up to the legs.

So the whole point of this is to draw attention to the cheap way the artists "seem" to be going about building their characters. Please fix these issues, we see our toons every day, and it reflects poor quality control on the companies part.

Since this will most likely get moved or deleted I want to ask the rest of the community.. Is there a 3rd party program that blends textures for this game? I mod Skyrim and have a few different ones for that game, but is there one for this game with base models?

One last thing, please don't hear me as insulting the artists, I know they work hard to deliver their product. But I see these huge seams on my toons and I just wonder why it was never caught or fixed. :S

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