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Offical Launch isn't far away and i've read many posts and commented on them.

I also tried to to track bugs and help with suggestions to improve the game.

I've seen hate threads and love threads through all those months that have past.

After playing OB and HS i'm patiently waiting for launch. Many things have improved since the first time i've entered the game. Some things have left the game but i'm keeping my faith.

Althou i like Star Trek i'm not a typical fanboy..never have been of something. I either like something or dislike it without being the dogmatic fan who knows every rule in the book...every second of every movie (and the exact kill count of redshirts )

The basic concept is a good and strong one. The game can go the distance and be one of the top MMO's or even's the potential i see in it.

Maybe a bit odd to see a MMO being not complete but somehow i see the bigger picture. It's like building a house. If you have a strong base then the house will stand a lifetime. You can repaint it, you can build it up, you can make it long the base is a strong one. That's close to how a MMO is. Many things will get added in the future. I'm sure many things will give us a "WoW...great" feeling at launch.

If i'm wrong then flame me after launch but we will see who's right on this one Wanna bet?

With all those bugs and missing things in OB/HS i had the feeling that we wouldn't have thousand of small content patches till launch but 1 very big one bevor launch...would make more sense to me. Only patches that would come would be those who made server stability better. And looking back it improved much. Trust me on'll be better at launch...if not...kick my a**
Lt. Commander
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02-01-2010, 04:04 AM
I support the OP. What you said about building a house was one of the best things I've seen on the forums. Eat it ya naysayers. XD

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