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12-17-2013, 09:01 PM
Originally Posted by jexsamx View Post
Your goal is achieved without needlessly removing the quicker, more casual-friendly means for funding Dyson rep projects.
Unless there goal is to remove the Dilithium and Marks reward, which I suspect.
All the talk about the commendation sounds a bit like an excuse to nerf the stuff.

I guess the next step is to cut the ground zone rewards in half.
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12-17-2013, 11:15 PM
I am just glad that I have finished the dyson rep on my characters - no more reason to go there again - all I care about now is the T5 reward - which has still not been prepared and has been "coming soon" for quite some time now.
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Originally Posted by jheinig View Post
Our goal is to streamline the process of earning commendations so that you don't have to worry about accidentally forgetting to accept or turn in a daily mission; instead you get the commendation along with the other rewards that you earn from a regular sphere mission or queued event, and the 20-hour cooldown is built in to the process without preventing you from playing more missions.

no thats the cover up reason the real reason is to make us grind more and we dont want to grind more lol why shall we even step in to dyson sphere space zone ? lets just delete the whole map and forget that season 8 existed the dil/marks reward from the daily was the only thing that made me go to the space zone at all i think that the team is starting to forget that we the players are the once that are pay'n their bills

one question where the hell the elachi alert go ? humm ye lets play just two stf's why not...
im playng this game for over 16 hours PER DAY and i am BORED READ THIS AGAIN BORED i want my elachi alert back!

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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
i mean that one found mission were theres all those swarms around the ship you tow a little ways, killing all them is good for 50% completion of the daily. that can take less then 30 second to do.
30 seconds? Hah! I can kill an entire group of swarmers and Iconian probes with the click of a single button! On any toon I have at that.

Still don't like this change. Folks ain't gonna like it when it hits holodeck, of that I'm pretty damn sure.

I have a question then:

Wasn't the point of Dyson rep to not be as bad as other reps? More 'stream-lined' with 'better rewards' etc etc? You based it off of player feedback, and I've seen many a player say that they like it because it's actually worth doing and enjoyable at that, because they feel like their time as being well spent.


As in, they don't mind spending hours there, doing it.

If you all are doing this because people were gaining dil and the like really easily due to that daily, fine. But then change the cause, not the effect. People are gaining a LOT of progress on the daily due to being able to just easily kill swarmers and probes. Then change it so that swarmers and probes either don't give any progress, or much less, so that people have to focus on actually doing the missions or killing Voth ships, etc.

Keep the daily mission if you do. I have no qualms about nerfing the amount those two enemies give to the progress. It's a bit insane, but nerfing ALL of the dailies themselves removes much of the desire to actually DO the space adventure zone stuff.

Also, this has, and will continue to worry people about future nerfs to Dyson rep (especially the battlezone), the supposedly 'better' rep compared to the older ones.

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Originally Posted by hypl View Post
I knew this was coming. The Dyson Sphere was too generous with rewards. Now that Cryptic has analyzed that data, they're bringing in the nerfs. I would expect the battlezone to receive a similar nerf at some point.
Sadly, pretty much THIS.

I think they went "Oops!" when people got to T5 too fast and the rewards weren't even ready yet...
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Originally Posted by badname834854 View Post
Sadly, pretty much THIS.

I think they went "Oops!" when people got to T5 too fast and the rewards weren't even ready yet...
I fail to see how their projections were off on the timetable required when the data was there since before this rep even came out. one large and lets say 20 small each day (for arguments sake of sleeping) with these numbers someone is capable of 5500 rep xp every 20 hours. thats 18 days of pushing to tier 5. these are simple calculations based on xp per hour using the small project as my base and one large started every hour for 20 hours. Please dont say "too fast" when the numbers have been there since the test server. the calculations were there, im sure someone at cryptic did the math.
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Originally Posted by burstdragon323 View Post
So, basically, what you are saying is that you made it harder for weekend players like myself to get Dyson Marks in a quick 10-20 minute run. I haw have to either:

Run the BattleZone, which is glitchy, the NPCs are OP as heck, the BOFFs are too stupid to avoid mortars, and the NPC spawns are out of control.


Run the Breach, which is full of Voth High Yields that do 30K damage and would completely obliterate anything smaller than a cruiser.

This is how it was explained to me at first, but now I've actually read it:

You will instead earn a Dyson commendation by completing any one area mission.
Completing an area mission in the Dyson sphere space adventure zone, an appropriate battlezone mission, or "Storming the Spire" or "The Breach" queued event will award one Dyson commendation once per 20 hours.

Meaning doing a mission in the space zones will get you a commendation, making it easier than before to get them, unless I understand wrong.

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The area missions are terribad, however: They are absolutely useless for a team, because they fail to give the same mission. Additionally, the NPCs are horribly indecisive and cannot seem to decide where the hell you're supposed to be, constantly sending you off to the wrong end of the map. Given that the map is huge and takes forever to get anywhere, this is hours wasted on useless travel because they cannot seem to figure out where you're supposed to be: Here or there.

On top of that, it removes any incentive to bother fighting anything, so now you're just running aimlessly around the map. Too annoying. I anticipate the space maps being abandoned completely.
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Not that it matters, one run in Storming the Spire on elite will give you that very same commendation anyways, so adding them to additional missions is pointless since you can only get 1 every 20 hours anyways and you can only spend 1 every 20 hours.

The dil and mark removal is what I find appalling. They did the same exact thing to the STFs, everyone stopped doing them, people hated Cryptic for it, let their voices be heard, and eventually they changed their stance on it. They did not learn from their past mistakes, I doubt they ever will.

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Originally Posted by daiouvegeta2 View Post
They did the same exact thing to the STFs, everyone stopped doing them ...
They did? I dont think so ... we lost some of the stuff like proto to Dil but gained others but thats not really the point.

STFs had people because of the RNG method of Mk XII acquisition, if you wanted a set you had to run then all and because RNG is not kind people complained about it but still, you could not just buy them ... it required the Gods of RNG smile at you but at least you would end up with Mk XI stuff for free.

Them come the Reputation system that shoved everything on the Rep store and people congregated to the one, finished their Sets and abandoned them ... we still see some traffic buts that about CSE and KAGE.

The theory in Cryptic about the marks is to make people to stay 4 months in until they release a new system with the exact same intent but maintain STF gear as the top-of-the-line so you pretty much just do Omega Rep, pick ONE set and just do the others for Rep passives ... because everything else is inferior.

I mean ... we have the Implants, why not just ditch marks off the price because at least people would actually be more inclined to pick them up instead wanting for us to buy Zen, convert it to Dilithium and then grind Marks for it ...meaning the whole process seems intended to even if you want to buy the set you also have to grind the set.

Dyson Sphere after the initial wave will became like New Romulus and Nukara when people finish Rep and move on ... then we get a new rep and we repeat the process.

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