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# 1 The Cryptic to do list!
02-01-2010, 07:03 AM
Man o man I am glad I waited to get this game, something told me to not to get it now. That and not having ready funds to buy it. lol

Anyway with all the negitive post on these forums, I figured lets pool them all together here. So I know the DEVs short list,

1. Get the Klingon PvE
2. Add more content

That's the short list, but what is the long list of things you see that need to get done?

One I think is in need, maybe they need to get more hardware, or toast the single server idea, and make many servers with a cap limit. Might be hard to do now, but making people stand in line to play the game isn't a long term fix. I understand they needed this now to fix it short term. At least until they get more hardware. Open up those pockets Atari, your going to need more money spent on this game.

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