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02-07-2010, 08:02 AM
Originally Posted by Losobal
Yeah, I bugged this. While there appears to be some level-appropriateness with anamolies you scan while on the 'mini-sector' map of a particular belt/nebula/whatever, if you actually go into an 'unknown system' any anamolies will be the 'tier 1' stuff. I had 100 percent result of tier 1 'crap' while I entered the tier 3 romulan exploration zones if I entered an unknown system, (I ran unknown systems approximately 10 times in a row) but had more or less appropriate drops (though generally only 1 data sample at a time)
I suppose bugging it is the best method as there's too much trolling and crap in the suggestions forum for them to actually get to the game ideas and issues that will actually improve the system.

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