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There really isn't enough user control over how the login process works, and when loading zones, etc. There should be ways for me to change my mind about loading a zone, or cancelling my login. Yesterday in the span of attempting to log in a million times while the server was down, I noticed that logging in causes my screen to hang, and there is no way to say "Cancel, try again". Example stages include "Retrieving character list", "Connecting to login server...", etc. I shouldn't have to exit out to retry my login if I don't want to wait for it to time out. Sometimes the internet connection is to blame, and a quick retry is the solution. In this case I cannot do a quick retry; only after the 30-45 second timeout will I be able to retry my login.

Also, the Login screen is a little funky. If I press "Enter" on my keyboard, it should attempt to log me in. Instead, if I'm on the account name field, it moves me to the password field. This happens when the logins time out. That means I have to push Enter twice to attempt a second login when the server is down. (Holding the key down does work as a workaround, but still a little bothersome). Another question, what is the reason for making us login to access the launcher? It's like there are two different login screens: the launcher, and the actual game login screen. What is the point of the in-game login screen if the launcher one already logs me in? Is there a way to launch the game to the game login screen without using the launcher to log in?

Finally, when moving from zone to zone, there is nothing that will pull me out when my connection dies. Yesterday, the server quit responding while I was loading a zone, and my screen literally just froze. I could not escape out or anything, and crashing STO was the only way to get back in. When the server was taken offline for maintenance yesterday I was kicked to the login screen; why can't this happen when zoning?

Aside from all of this negativity, I was very impressed with the load time improvement and did not have any issues with disconnects once the servers were back up around 6pm PST yesterday.

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