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# 1 Wow, it's a NEW MMO
02-01-2010, 07:54 AM
Well done Devs! It's an MMO with an appealing diversity of activities, gameplay, and customization. Thank you so much for not limiting yourself to the cookie cutter by which nearly all other MMOs for the past several years have been designed.

Though, like many others, i had to deal with client freezes, frequent pauses in action while the server loaded, and login queues, i maintain confidence that these issues will be dealt with as the product goes live to a much larger consumer base.

In particular i enjoyed the options of character customization, to boldly go into Advanced settings or be content with Basic options. I was amazed to find you allowed the same ability with Bridge Officers. I like the alien race attributes as well, adding a uniqueness to a character that would not be matched by any other Starfleet Officer out there. I think the ability to build and customize your command team is incredible and will provide practically unlimited options for creating the perfect playable environment, not to mention ship selection in later levels (i'm definitely not a power player and haven't experienced that yet). The UI was easy for an experienced MMO player and switching between ground and space did not tax my abilities at all. I thoroughly enjoyed my first hours of play and am excited to continue.

I sat for a long moment at the Subscription screen, trying to decide what would be the most effective way to spend my money (i am rather fond of it and don't like to give it away). Due to my experience with other MMOs and their 'upgrades', i decided on an annual subscription tier over a lifetime subscription. I find that most games either lose my interest or are completely screwed up by developers trying to cater to all the whims of a vast player base which has never, in the history of video games, agreed on game play mechanics, features, and progression paths. I would be happy to be proven wrong, in this case, by a product that continues to engage my interest (and wallet).

Just as a suggestion - there is some very valuable information on the main web site, in the top menu drop down list, regarding how progression occurs for players and how skills and ship upgrades work. In fact, I found it to be more useful then the information given in the first couple hours of game play. You might want to include that somewhere in the game tutorial - maybe as a Federation database entry. Otherwise, I am sure I am not the only one staring at my available skills upgrade list and not being entirely sure what to do with my merit points.

Thank you.

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