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# 1 Build and playing style
08-26-2014, 11:26 AM
Hello all,

I kindly want to ask some help. I am a Romulan in a D'deridex and I did think I was on the right path but I am lost.

I do know the way I play but I have no idea how to build the ship for that style.

I like to cloak and get right in the face of my opponent. And unleash as much as possible. But I seem to get blown up a lot. That is even more so in the conduit elite etc......

I hope some of you would like to look at my build and skill tree and spot things that I could change. That would be greatly appreciated.


I do want to keep it Romulan as much as possible. Cannon. At least the weapons. The rest I can mix up.

Thanks guys
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# 2
08-26-2014, 12:15 PM
How far have you gotten into the Rep system?

How many Fleet marks do you have?

Do you have respec tokens available?
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# 3
08-26-2014, 01:25 PM
In my rep i am at tier 3
Fleetmarks i have 100.000
And 1 respec token
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# 4
08-26-2014, 01:46 PM
Without having access to my stoacademy account atm, I'd say at least two emergency powers, three damage control engineering DOFFs, either the Nukara deflector and shield and the Romulan engine or the Assimilated deflector and engine and a fleet resilient shield, the assimilated console, the zero-point energy conduit, hydrodynamics compensator, proton particle stabilizer, either the tacheokinetic convertor or the Nukara particle console, either a nuetronium armor or a shield healing console, and the uber fleet tac consoles.

I'll do a proper build when I have access to my account. Also, are you tier 3 in all of the reps, or just some of them?
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# 5
08-26-2014, 02:07 PM
Thanks for the help.

I am level 3 in the romulan and borg and nukara. The other 2 i have done nothing yet
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# 6
08-26-2014, 03:37 PM
For basic builds and beginners I recommend the Borg deflector and engines. This gives a very nice automatic hull heal when taking fire. Even though the cooldown is long it is worth it being one of the best set bonuses for tanking.

Pare this with either the MACO shields or elite fleet resilient shields ResB.

Note* if you have the Plasmonic leech then you cannot use it with the MACO shields as the drain cannot be combined and you lose 1.
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# 7
08-26-2014, 06:45 PM
Never run Tactical Team 2. It's just worthless. Only ever slot TT as ENS-level. Bump that down and move your FAW up to FAW2, and you'll get a lot more damage from it. Using TS3 as your LtCDR is kind of hard to justify as this ship has an abyssmally slow turn rate. Only use it if you have access to a wide-angle torp. That way you can fire it while still broadsiding.

Just the first things that come to mind.
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# 8
08-26-2014, 07:28 PM
Here's something for you to work towards.


You mentioned Elite Conduit. I put some points in power insulators as they will add a resist to shield drains which I know the Borg LOVE. Any of the Elite Fleet equipment can be traded out for advanced fleet equipment.

This is not an end-all build, but it should get you well on your way.
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# 9
08-26-2014, 07:29 PM
Well like rodent said, TT2 is not really needed, swap it to TT1, and replace TT2 with some other tac related goodie.

As for you skills, well they need some work, as you have nothing in the science department, nothing invested into maneuverability either in the engineering dept.

Lose the emptaux in favor of either empteng, or emptweap.

Ditch the aceton beam 3, and I would suggest IMO RSP3, but you may prefer DEM3.

Course you could go auxtsif3 for the commander eng slot, and this will free up the ltcmd. slot for auxtinrtdamp2 enabling you some more kinetic resistance + turn speed.

I would suggest the doff, to go with the auxtinrtdamp that grants energy DR as well, as it to extends the duration of this skill.

1-3 damage control doffs, to improve cd times for emptxsystem abilities, is always a good choice.

With 2 copies of TT1, you really don't need a conn doff, so maybe 1 doff to improve beam weapon skills, or maybe a projectile weapons doff to improve torpedo times.

If those don't catch your fancy, than a good deflector doff, to reduce grav well time could come in quite handy.

So choices are up to you.

Gear can be worked on, as time allows for it!
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08-26-2014, 09:12 PM
My toons fly ships such as the Odyssey, Bortasqu, and D'Deridex, and take heart: any of those large ships are not easy to get to work well.

Others have noted issues around particular bridge officer skills but I would like to talk with you about choosing skillstree investments and traits. Ultimately, how you choose to set up your ship depends on how you want to play and what you consider a successful build, so I'll discuss my own experience noting that I like to play a "Star Trek"-style game (survival, all ships using torps and beams, the D'D having a cannon because it was on the TV once that way, etc). I also like to use sets where at all possible. So with all this in mind, I've focused on trying to give insight rather than saying "what" I would do in your place. With that in mind...

Firstly, your traits and skills trees are a big part of making those ships work. I have the minimum points in ground for those three toons purely because the ships are so demanding. I have other toons that are ground-based, and I have them in small ships so I can have maximum points in ground for them. Your DD toon is half-way.

As others have said, the DD needs points in engine, intertial dampeners, and impulse to make it able to turn. Personally I am not a fan of maxing a skill: if you look at for example, "Attack Patterns", you have 9,000 points invested in it. However, the maximum 'bonus' you can get is 99. The first 3,000 get you 54 of those bonus points. The next 3,000 get you 30 points and the final 3,000 get you a lousy 15 points. And all that just for Attack Pattern Alpha! As a tac, it's beneficial to consider another pattern purely as you invest in that skill anyway so mind as well make the best of it.

Let's take as argument's sake, you invest 6,000 points in "Attack Patterns", giving you 84 bonus points. You then invest the remaining 3,000 points in "Starship Battery" giving you 54 bonus points in something you have four batteries hanging on.

It's also a case of looking at what you should *not* invest in. What really stands out is Gravity Well: this skill needs (at 84 bonus points) 24,000 skills points for something that sits on its own with nothing else using those points.

If you're interested, my D'Deridex is at http://www.stoacademy.com/tools/skil...tuttalius_6195. My focus is on survival and sneaky strikes so the build has a different focus (it's not the biggest DPS hitter around for example) but I would like to point out how it for example, uses Set bonuses for the extra benefits they provide, the complete lack of batteries to save that 6,000 points, the use of Honor Guard and bunkering away team to make up for the lack of points in ground etc.

The one thing STO Academy can't show is the benefit of traits of bridge officers, and the skills bonuses of some duty officers. These are also a part of build, such as the duty officer that gives a chance to remove enemy buffs on use of energy weapons, and the Borg bridge officer that has 'efficiency' trait that gives a hull bonus. All these little choices add up.

A few further general hints that can help you work out where to focus your efforts:
  • Read the in-depth description of each 'skill' in 'skills tree', in 'traits' and 'reputation'. These descriptions tend to use the same terms so give an indication of what is affecting what. For example, "Starship Maneuvers" is actually "Defense value", and the trait gives a percentage bonus to defense. In other words, using that trait is only worthwhile if you have points in Maneuvers.
  • Read the in-depth description of each ability in your "Tray" (accessed when you click the button to bring up the full list), both on ground and in space, and take note of what's being affected by which skills. Not all of these are noted in STO Academy so don't only rely on the stars beside skills. For example, science officers get to use 'subsystem targeting' which benefits from points in "flow capacitors", so if you want to use subsystem targeting you need points in flow capacitors (the argument of whether it's worth it or not is another matter). Likewise, one of the Task Force Omega space items benefits from flow capacitors but does not stack with "Plasmonic Leech", and knowing this means not wasting opportunities.
  • Right-clicking on any piece of equipment and selecting "Information" gives more in-depth information on that item as well.
  • Check your toon's Status Window and the "Skills Stats" sections to see what your points look like as well. For example, Romulans can have 150 points in "stealth" before adding any extra from "Starship Stealth" in the tree, and for PvE such an investment of points would be a waste.
Hope this helps!

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