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I am wondering if anyone else has noticed the following when in Deep Space Encounters ....

Back in beta, we had the Alpha Strikes which seem a lot less of a problem now ... granted ... they still love to navigate towards the spawn point but the Alpha Strike is not quite as bad for me.

What I've noticed different, however, is the change in enemy tactics.

They tend towards packs which is not all that unusual except those hunting packs are a lot closer together.

It is nothing to have the group you are battling attract the attention of the neighboring group, etc.

Also ... I've noticed that often when you find a single ship out in space that looks like a yummy target reading to be pounced on ... You get into that fight only to have a whole pack of enemies pounce you from above where you don't see them.

Now don't get me wrong as I'm not irritated by this so much as simply recognizing this change I've seen in the game and have been learning to adapt.

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