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Hello, I am back with part three of the Unexpected return series. I hope people with give them a chance and play part three. I spent some extra time on this mission, I hope you guys enjoy playing part three.

Thank you and enjoy Logitech007.

Name: The Unexpected Returns Part Three
Author: Logitech007
Language: English
Allegiance: Starfleet-Federation
Level: 16+
Story: After the loss of Starbase 375 to the Tzenkethi forces, Starfleet and the Klingon Empire forces are on the run. Both Starfleet and the Klingon Empire are hard pressed to get Starbase 375 back and to take care of this new threat. How did the Tzenkethi forces manage to gain all of these vessels and facilities under the Federation and the Klingon Empire?s Knowledge? Do the Tzenkethi forces have support or are they alone? Will this be another Dominion war or will it not get that far? What will happen to the Tzenkethi? What will happen to the Klingon Empire? What will happen to the Federation?

Where to start: Wall console just outside of the transporter room, on Earth Space dock.

Thank you Logitech007

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