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Greetings all! I did some quick searches to see if anyone had mentioned anything like this and I found some similar items but nothing that really matched what I was thinking.

So far I'm really enjoying STO, but I feel that there is a lack of interaction that makes it feel more like generic MMO and less like Star Trek. I feel this applies moreso to ground-based/Away-team missions, but it could be applied to both ground and space based interactions.

I feel the use of the F key to interact with something is a bit... for lack of a better word... dull. Personally I would love to see enhancements in the future which allow us to actually pull out our tricorder and actually feel like I'm doing something a bit more in-depth than just walking up to an object and pressing a key to initiate an automatic interaction.

For example, several missions call for the transport of your character and one of your bridge officers down to a planet surface. On the planet surface there are several objects scattered within a radius that varies in size from mission to mission. Your objective is to search this area for the objects and scan them. So far, the objects i have encountered have been probes, ship debris, or alien cocoons. My issue is that the extent of the interaction with these objects is extremely limited. You walk up to them, press F to initiate an automatic scan and then you move on to the next object. I would love to have the ability to open my tricorder and actually take part in the scanning process. When the interaction is triggered we could have the option to have the tricorder open and we see it expand to our screen. From that point we can press a series of buttons to change the type of scan or change what we are scanning for. (i.e. bio, geo, met, thermal, IR, EMF, etc)

I hate to use another game as an example because I don't want it to be like another game, but this is a fairly good example of what I mean. In Elite Force 2 you have the ability to use your tricorder to access consoles. Some consoles may override forcefields and you need to use your tricorder to "hack" them. (for lack of a better word) Once you initiate the interaction your tricorder screen expands to the screen and you are shown some frequency lines. If i remember correctly the left line is the current frequency, the center is the one that you must change, and the right one is the one you must match. From this point you press buttons until the center line matches the right line and you intiate the frequency which automatically overrides the console and does whatever needed to be done. (i.e. drop a forcefield)

This is a fairly good example of what I am trying to suggest, but I believe if some thought were to be put into it by the creative minds at Cryptic they could really do some great things with this!

What do you all think? Would you like to see more interaction as well? If so, what other things do you guys want to suggest?

Thanks for reading!
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02-02-2010, 06:52 AM
I like the idea myself. It would be more immersive and would help alleviate the "wash, rinse, repeat" feeling that scanning objects has.

Another thing that I would like to see changed, as small as it is, would be to just switch screens when you are on the Bridge of your Ship. I fail to see why I would beam off of my Bridge in order to go back to my ship in space view.

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