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02-01-2010, 01:55 PM
Well, I'm American so this isn't exactly a 'me' issue but it is related to my friend whom I've been wanting to play with. Let's start from the beginning.

He preorders on the 13th of January, never gets a beta key from Amazon, I get him one from the competitions going around. We play beta, fine, we look forward to the headstart, day before headstart I ask him if he's ready and he said he still hasn't got his key. He contacts where he preordered from, being in Plymouth, Devon, UK and to my dismay they told him if you preordered after the 12th of January, you don't get a preorder key OR an early start key, all you get is the borg officer. Of course, that makes no sense, D2D still gives out 'beta' keys for the headstart.

Well, he gets over it and says he's been waiting years for this game, he can wait a few more days and today he gets the following...

We are writing to you regarding your order for Star Trek Online - Gold Edition (PC DVD).

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen supply issues, has not received enough stock to fulfil all of our pre-orders for this title. For this reason, this item has been cancelled from your pre-order and you have not been charged for it.

WHAT A JOKE! They cancel his order just before the launch of the game! They've shafted him every way from Sunday and this is ridiculous. No one should have to take this... Now I know Cryptic has nothing to do with this but get yourself together. Take a look at your American counterpart to see how a company should be ran or at the very least fire your head of inventory...
Lt. Commander
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02-01-2010, 02:07 PM
Amazon UK has pretty much the best bonus for the are unless u go digital, hence LOADS of orders. They would only have limited stock of the special. I am one of the lucky ones as i pre-ordered fairly early and have not recieved the DOOM email

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