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I am really ****ed had the gold edition on order for ages didn't care i didn't get my earily start key or a open beta care I was happy i could start with a borg office then today they email me saying sorry we have to cancel your order. Like wtf, now i have no copy of the game this is bull **** and yes I am ****ed
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02-01-2010, 02:15 PM

Originally Posted by DivineGalaxy
I am greatly troubled.
I ordered the Gold edition from Amazon some time ago.
I did not care that I did not get to partake in the open Beta or the Headstart, I was satisfied just to recive a Borg bridge ofificer when the game goes live tomorrow.
I then recived a very disapointing Email today from Amazon where they infom me that they have canceled my order.
I do not understand why this has happened and am very sad that I am now left without a copy of the game. I do not think this makes any sense and I am quite upset about this whole incident.
Does the Email you recived from Amazon state a reason for why they have canceled your order?

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