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# 1 cmon guys...
02-01-2010, 02:01 PM
U know i am realy getting ****t of atm... its now the third day i cant realy play u know i am comming from work looking forward to play cuz i preordert the game 2 get in to the Headstart and what am i getting nothing... stupid downtimes all the time... u know, why are u guys from Cryptic do somthing like Headstart if the game is not done now... I mean i never played a game undone like this at the HEADSTART.. i know every mmorpg got his probs at the start.. but this game is not DONE not even ALPHA STATE... this is crap.... and 2 u stupid fanboys bla bla stop whining... i wont cuz i am right. I know games like ANARCHY-ONLINE...****..and so on they had probs yes but not like this. U know missions bugged from Early Beta are still bugged all the crap lagging no Seperat Servers 4 US/EU what u think happends tommrrow when another rush starts to come on THINS ONE!!!!! SERVER... RIGHT its gonna blow up .. well think about it Cryptic and have a ****ing look at other MMORPG´s and LEARN about it...

Thats my 2 cents

bye From the EU!!!

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