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02-01-2010, 03:05 PM
I'll be honest, I had my hopes up when I read the title of this topic....
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02-01-2010, 03:12 PM
I ran 3 dual disruptor banks and a turret in OB - attack at max. That's just not sustainable - power levels drop way too quick. So I bit the bullet and now run dual disruptor cannons (x3[1heavy])) and an array in the aft. My power level doesn't get rocked even with rapid fire and my DPS is much higher I have a + to turn console which REALLY helps when using cannons - keeps the mob in the envelope. I kill them quicker than my shields fail.

That strategy becomes an issue in fleet actions - it's one thing having a few BoP shooting at me - it's another when it's a few K'Tingas lol When you're putting out the DPS everything fires at you! Get a science officer with Jam Sensors or one of the placate abilities, train it and match your deflector to that.

Also be aware that weapon damage falls off with distance - get in /close/ (5km at least). I'll sit right on top of the mob, pound away and pop evasive when the warp core goes. ~2km seems to be the "safe" distance for that.

I'm still exploring and learning (esp BO and skills) but that strategy works for me. The more power to weapons and the closer you are the more damage you do.

In re disruptors vs phasors; regarding shields? I get through them by my second or third volley. In regard with everything else? Phasors can target sub-systems - disruptors can't

I'm thinking about trying a x2 quantum torps and a dual heavy cannon for the front. Multiple mobs - small to big.

I read somewhere that engine speed also makes you harder to hit so try putting some energy into engines ...
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02-01-2010, 03:20 PM
Originally Posted by Yorkshire_Bayonet
Suppose I should mention my loadout!

Up front I've got one Phaser, a Torp, and a Cannon

Rear facing a Disruptor for picking down the shields as I pull away from the target.
Have you considered using two cannons or two torpedo launchers up front? With an escort, your best chance to do the most damage in the shortest amount of time (in PvE) is right at the start. Closing in at 10km, you have to have a plan. alot of it will depend heavily on playstyle, what you're up against and what you have equipped in terms of loadout, bridge officers, captains skills and the like. personally, I use all offensive Boff skills (High yield I, Rapid Fire I and Spread I on the TacO's, Emergency power to weapons on the engineering...I forgot what I have in science. Jam sensors, I believe) and load two dual cannons up front with a torpedo launcher.

if I have any PvE tips, they'd be;
drop out of full impulse at about 16-18km to give your power levels time to even out.

Pop as many in the alpha strike as you can. Don't be afraid to blow every cooldown. assuming you have your Boffs trained, they'll be back soon enough. Emergency power to weapons with rapid fire will tear shields to shreds in moments, and torpedos striking bare hull on a high yield cooldown is enough to give any klink a bad day.

get into a new mindset. The starter ship and pretty much everything you do in your little miranda sort of conditions you to the broadside dual phaser attack. If it weren't for the fighters and those damn siphon things, I wouldn't even have a beam in the rear slot. Your weapons in the front slots should all be narrow arc, high DPS weapons. you fly in straight, do all the damage you can and, typically, fly out the other side laughing. If for some reason it doesn't die, just keep right on going and get as much distance as you can, turn around, and do it again. Your important shield facings are front and rear. Keep those up. If your broadsiding like you were in a miranda, you're wasting the maneuverability, speed and raw damage potential of your escort.

Speed Kills. Rapid fire is your friend.

Speed kills, but knock the throttle down a bump or two and you can turn tight in a pinch if you just need to get that last torpedo or cannon shot off.

Use the combat impulse engines. You are free to use or switch between the shield and attack power presets at your leisure. Combat Impulse engines are efficient at low power levels and you will still have full speed and turning ability at 25% power setting.

if you ask 10 different escort captains how to play it, you'll get 10 different answers. These are my tips, but don't be afraid to experiment with other loadouts or tactics. Share them when you find something works!
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02-01-2010, 04:30 PM
This is a really great thread for escort class ship players guys!

Everyone, subscribe to this thread if you are an escort and we can get this sucker up to a few pages of pure and brand new tips, tricks, and information on everything to do with escorts! I have already subscribed.

I am not quite up to par for giving information, as I only bought the game last night. Although, I have grasped quite a bit and I know a potentially good topic when I see one . THANK YOU! Everyone who posted their suggestions, and thanks for making them so detailed. All this info was very helpful for me.

So to keep the topic going I have a question that has been really bothering me -- How do I spec when it comes to my Captain? How have you escorters been specing? Any chance you veterans to the game could post some screenshots of your status window showing your current skills or list them? (Probably easier to just post a SS hehe) I am sure I am not the only one dying to see some veteran specs hehe..

If noody wants to post a SS; Should I be specing into Engineering fully or should i do any operations, also how important is Ground skills?
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02-01-2010, 05:16 PM
Ok Ive yet to play my Fed escort as waiting til I get my retail key for the bonus's but played an escort and will again.

Firstly remember power management is key I used to go max weapons for the 1st/2nd pass, having 2 cannons and torps up front and a beam array behind. After 1 or 2 passes my shields may have taken a beating so I switch to 100% shields.. by this time Id have knocked thier shields down and torps dont use power to do damage

Ive been playing Klingon during headstart and changed my thinking.

I would try to make it 1 of each weapon type up front and back this means t2 on my BoP I run Cannons, Torps and disruptor banks (the 90 version) up front and a turret at the back.. this is because you can only fire 1 of each type at 1 time. Having 2 of anything will mean waiting extra cooldown for the 2nd/3rd shot.

Essentially weapons come in 4 types, and my setups would be as follows:
Escort (If you havent got the cannons fit the beam)
Cannons 45 Front / 360 Rear
Torpedoes - Any will do all ar same angles
Beams - 90 Front / 250 Rear
Mines - Again any will do

Beam - 250 Both
Torpedoes - Any
Cannons - 360 Both or 180 Up front for more punch (personally I broadside with cruisers so 360 adds to the broadside)
Mines - Any

Beam - 180 Both
Cannons - 90 Front / 360 Rear

The above are only suggestions, and you can alter as you see fit. I mean sometimes you will get a good drop which you will want to equip.

As for Specs, maxing my ability in the ship Im flying is priority 1, I then look for repair boosts then shield and finally damage boosts.

With my officers I try to get Tachyon Beam, Rapid fire, High Yield Torpedoes as the basics
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02-02-2010, 07:44 AM
Any of you guys who took your Tactical officers to the higher ranks during OB have any spec/build pointers? I've been tweaking builds with the STO Character builder, but since I never had enough time to take my toon past LtC3 I'm not well versed in what I might need at the higher levels.
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02-02-2010, 07:56 AM

Link to the beta thread Tips & Tricks: Escort Class Starships. Should still be some relevant into there.
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02-02-2010, 08:40 AM
Thanks! I'll go dig through that thread.

Edit: Not one skill point build in that thread. Good info, just not the kind I'm looking for at the moment.
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02-02-2010, 09:01 AM
I'd imagine it's going to be a couple weeks to a month before we start seeing reliable build posts for any spec. The lack of a test server for unlimited build testing is going to slow down the process a lot.
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02-02-2010, 09:14 AM
My issue isn't the shields. I accept that. My issue is....kinda manueverability.
I run into targets too fast and "crawl" over them. I hate that.

I want to "hit", move away, and come back, but I always run into them before I killthem.
Then I am in their explotion and lose all my crew.

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