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First i want to say hello pvpers and happy holidays.

Now i have created a thread so i can hear from you guys what do you think of Vape build on Scimitar(Tac version).

I know current majority would say "Use A2B FAW Scimitar",well i will just ignore them since i'm pvper and realized fast that setup is boring as hell and broken.

I don't care if i will get most DPS,i prefer more to kill target fast then having most damage on scoreboard.

My Scimitar playstile is "Cloak and Dagger",thus prefering to fly Scimitar more like in Nemesis movie.

Let's just say Thissler was inspiration on trying this build.At first i thought about creating new KDF toon,but i realized i could try on Romulan.

Also nice youtube videos Thissler,they really are fun to watch and also have good knowledge.

I apologise if i missspelled something,but english is not my mother language.

Cheers guys.

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12-24-2013, 03:25 AM
It's not a bad setup, but I would start with every build, what is the weakness and work from there. There is no point in being able to kill someone and also be a guaranteed kill for the other team as well.
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12-24-2013, 04:32 AM
That is true,but i'm playing with Scimitar for a long time(since it's release).
So i'm familiar with his weakness and strenghts.

Before whole Romulan faction i played before with KDF and BoP(i still play with),and learned alot about hit and run tactics.

I tried before with Full cannon setup,then later A2B FAW,etc,but now i'm want to try this build.

Yes i can be guaranteed kill for other team if i'm not focused on the match and do something stupid.
But as you can see on boff powers,i have covered my "Escaping" powers with APO,EPTE,A2D and Romulan tier 5 rep power.

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12-24-2013, 04:58 AM
For the most part, I have a similar setup -though with some minor differences:

  • Most of my Eng and Sci slots are packed with consoles to increase CrtH and CrtD chance and severity.
  • Apart from my DBBs which are [Acc]x3, all weapons are [CrtD]x3. Since the target is often tractor locked as I decloak, I went for severity rather than accuracy. This is because of the minimal defence rating of the tractored target, and due to the fact as a Romulan I'm already packing a high crit chance.
  • Using the 3 piece Dyson set for Proton Barrage. Often pop an Aux battery before use.
  • Same weapons, but a slight different arrangement in weapons up front, with the cannons first, then the Quantum, then the DBB. The idea is that I use the cannons to soften shields on approach, launch the HY quantums, and then hit the shields with a beam overload just before the torps hit. This creates a nice opening for the torps, and on occasion the cannons take down the shields by themselves so the beam overload hits hull directly.
  • Using DEM and the Marion Doff. Though to be honest, I could probably go without this.

Obviously there'll be people with more experience who'll may disagree with the above (to be honest, I'd be interested in alternate suggestions), but so far this is working for me. Just chucking some ideas your way.
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12-24-2013, 08:48 AM
here is how a think a pvp scimitar should look....
no need for fancy tricks. and you can go pve mode with just one doff swap,(or two if you want repulsors as well)
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12-24-2013, 08:55 AM
That is good build Dirty,but like i said prior don't want to go A2B setup again,found that build after using it 4-5 times little bit boring setup for me.

Beside FAW+A2B i tried also similar you did DHC/CRF/DEM+A2B.

Not too much fan of STO PVE overall,so i'm aiming purely for PVP build.
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12-24-2013, 08:58 AM
try the single aux to bat, you have to do almsot everything manually to manage the cool downs rather than the 2xaux to bat spacebor masher
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12-26-2013, 02:45 PM
Like you, I poo poo the Aux2Bat Beam Scimi in favor of a Thissler style Bo3 + HY3 build. My build is almost exactly the same as yours but instead of points in stealth which I've found to be useless against "snoopers" I put some in Grav gens for a stronger tractor beam. I also do 4 tac energy consoles and one quantum console. I also use the Zero Point for extra Crit chance and the Valdore console for the shield heals.

The decloak alpha strike with this build is devastating but I've found the Scimi in general to be a little unwieldy and have gone to the Fleet Mogai for the time being.
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12-26-2013, 04:44 PM
here's the thing about an AtB scimitar, does it do you any good if your ship is a vaper? AtB is all about up time, warbirds generally are all about bliping. by the time you have APA back, all your other skills will be ready again without AtB and with just 1 copy of any skill. AtB is for a ship that stays in a fight, and with that missing (shield) power, in exchange for an enhanced escape skill essentially, its clear were the strengths and weaknesses of warbirds lies. beam boats generally need like 20 seconds to a minute to do their thing though, thats why AtB and the uptime you can get from it is useful on them.
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12-26-2013, 05:16 PM
I agree DDIS with that,but when i fly my Scimi i fly it more like Hybrid of Escorts-Battlecruiser rather than Cruiser style.

I do have A2B Cruiser on my Fed,but for the Scimitar i want something thats not "ah another A2B FAW Scimitar",something unusual,unique..rather than use A2B on another ship,then another,then another.

This is reason why i would like to try Vape build on my Scimi.

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