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The Federation Galactic Consortium

What we are:

We are a casual group of players from all parts of the world as far as New Zealand to Germany and all parts of the United States. Though small in numbers at the moment we are a good group of players aspiring to better ourselves and the welfare of others in Star Trek Online.

What we do:

From running STF's to helping players finish mission storylines to helping with ship builds and player strategy, we have it all.
We do have a few dedicated players that do PvP so PVP'ers are welcome!

What we require:

We do require that applicants applying be at the minimum of 18 years of age. This is due to the VOIP servers that we run. Though some exceptions may be made on a case to case basis upon consensus of the Fleet Admiral Sabrefangs as well as other high ranking officers.

We also ask that if you are taking extended periods of leave to drop a comment or send a message ingame to any one of the admirals or officers, you don't have to explain where your going but a notice would be nice.

--Anyone who takes a leave of absence without notice to the staff will be demoted and removed from the fleet after a period of inactivity. However, if said person rejoins the fleet and shows to be active for a certain period of time, full rank and privlages maybe restored upon consensus of the Admirals Staff.

The Starbase is still being developed, we are level 3 now. We do ask that if you join, you donate what you can. Those who do donate will be rewarded appropriately depending on the amount of resources you donate.

Promotions: Anyone who donates or contributes to the base or fleet bank will be eligible for promotion up to a rank of Commander. After a set amount of time where it is proven to us that you can be trusted, the fleet bank will be opened for donations, requisitions or trade. DO NOT ask for early promotions or fleet bank access as you will not get it. We do not give "free" handouts.

Bank withdrawal access is restricted to all personnel with the exception of the Admiralty. If you see something in the bank you could make use of let us know and we will get it for you if it is within reasonable means. Some items that you may see maybe reserved for other means of distributing, especially anything that requires ZEN to acquire.

We do have a high level crafter (Sabrefangs) who holds on to all the rare particle traces. If there is something you need to craft that requires these resources send him a PM. This is to prevent bank theft of rare crafting materials. We are discussing the option to purchase these crafting materials at a guild discount (10-20%) of the current auction house prices or they maybe just given to you depending on the situation. Any purchases from the Fleet Bank will directly go into the Fleet EC Account.

Any ranks above Commander will be determined directly by the Admiral or by consensus of the staff.

STF's (Starfleet Instances)

We run them constantly and if you need someone to join you, Arrakis will be more than happy to run them with you. Though he is strictly skilled for space combat but can help to his best on any ground STF's. Other will probably be more than happy to help you out as well grinding instances for whatever it is you need from them.



We do PVP and we do have staff that is willing to run PVP missions with you and give advice to ship build and character build if you want it.


Remember, we want you to have fun as it is a game. We expect this value out of anyone who joins our fleet. If you want to join PM me through the forums. If I do not respond right away its probably because Im asleep or busy doing errands (a job pays for a lot of things).

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