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# 1 Rp'rs come one and come all...
02-01-2010, 02:28 PM
Some of you maybe have seen me bouncing around here and there. Currently Nanduan on the KED side though I will be creating a fed main on launch. ^^

Anyway in an attempt to allow for an ease of communication and for friendships to be found I have turned my vent into the STO Roleplayers's a little small at (25 people) currently but I will expand it if need be. We'll see how the demand for it goes =D I look forward to seeing a lot of you in-game and hopefully we can get some friendships formed that span timelines ~.^

Vent info:


Rules of Engagement

I do not have many rules as it comes to my Vent Server, but there are a few that I suspect to be obeyed without question.

1) No griefing.- If you are here to grief rp'rs you will have your rp banned faster than you can say Tribble

2) NO belittling of others- You can tell jokes I really don't care about that I enjoy a good laugh to. Just no pointedly belittling of others.

3) Lastly NO DRAMA period I will stand for it..and will globally mute people for 24 hours that argue obsessively with each other.

That is all. Nanduan, out.

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