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Welcome the High Guard Recruitment Office. I am Admiral Drake, Commanding Officer of the Hugh Guard Fleet. At present we are just a small fleet but look forward to growth as STO progresses. We are a light Role Play Fleet and have fun both in game and on our forums. We accommodate both hard core and casual players alike. We also understand Real Life takes precedence over game time. Please check out our website at The High Guard of the Federation for more information or you may contact any of our officers in game. We hope to see you soon.

In Game Contact
Admiral Drake, Fleet Commanding Officer

Admiral Glooming-Fleet Executive Officer

Commander Kratu-Science Officer


Command Structure and Openings
High Guard Fleet Command Staff
Fleet Commanding Officer: Fleet Admiral Deacon Drake
Fleet Executive Officer: Admiral Glooming
Fleet 2nd Officer/Operations: Vice Admiral Phoebus
Fleet Tactical Officer: Open

Operations Division
Chief Operations Officer: Ensign Akasha
JAG Officer: Open
Communications Officer: Open

Engineering Division
Chief Engineering Officer: Open
Engineering Division: Cadet Dragon Slash
Engineering Division: Open
Engineering Division: Open

Medical Division
Chief Medical Officer: Open
Medical Division: Open
Medical Division: Open
Medical Division: Open

Science Division
Chief Science Officer: Captain Kratu
Science Division: Open
Science Division: Open
Science Division: Open

Exploration Division
Chief of Explorations: Lieutenant Dycin
Exploration Division: Open
Exploration Division: Open
Exploration Division: Open

Security Division
Chief Security Officer (M.A.C.O.): Lieutenant Colonel Maverick
M.A.C.O. Squad Leader: Lieutenant Commander Dinglehopper
M.A.C.O. R1: Open
M.A.C.O. R2: Open
M.A.C.O. AR1: Open

Tactical Division
Chief Tactical Officer: Lieutenant Commander Tordar
Tactical Division: Lieutenant Commander Kirk
Tactical Division: Cadet Lucas Maximus
Tactical Division: Open

High Guard Reserve Fleet
Commodore Nevetsk
Lieutenant Commander Sherlan
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 2
02-02-2010, 05:29 AM
The High Guard would like to welcome Tordar Narmen and Lucus Maximus to the Fleet.
Lt. Commander
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03-25-2010, 09:02 PM
The High Guard is still alive and well within the STO Universe. We are still looking for new members that are looking to have some casual fun with some light RP.

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