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# 1 Max key inputs = deadly
02-01-2010, 03:56 PM
At the moment I have observed there seems to be a maximum number of inputs for the game, considering how many keys they force us to spam this can cause a serious issue.

As an example, I am maneuvering (A or D and sometimes W/S/Q/E), I am spamming spacebar, I am spamming a shield facing or balance (mouse or keyboard, but often mouse); now I try to hit an ability key and often it refuses to hit until I stop doing one or more of the above.

Likewise often if I hit two abilities in rapid succession one or both of them will not activate.

I've spoken with several of my fleet mates and they have observed this as well.

A resolution to this would be incredibly enthusiastically welcomed.

If I have to click tons of stuff stop making things NOT work when too many things are being clicked.

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