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# 1 Small Requests(Suggestions)
02-01-2010, 02:55 PM
Ok devs, I am going to point out some small things that would make this game better.
1.) Need interiors - it seems that every planet has buildings with no interior. I understand this is a small game, but the worlds seems small and dead.
2.) Unique ship features, quest items - I don't know if this is in the game yet but certain BO combinations and weapon combinations should have added affects, this will make the ships and styles feel more individual.
3.) Planets and Solar systems - there really needs to be more than one planet a system and if there is a galactic war going on, we need to see more ships that look nothing like federation shiips fighting other ships.
4.)Start off like a war is going on - We need random attacks on Starbases and Events early. Why? The war just started and that is when most of the harshes moves are made. The Borg isn't the only enemy and the war is so ruff on the federation that capable(we hope) Ensigns are being made captains. We all need to feel this conflict for at least the first two months of the game so the origin holds together.
5.)If possible(I don't know if you can) - give 360 up and down moviement. It really feels awkward being in space and not being able to turn in any direction. If this is a limitation of the game engine, then oh well eveyrone is going to have to suck it up until new ideas are presented.

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