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The Del Taco Type 8 Shuttlecraft should come equipped with 1 forward phaser and be enabled during combat. The pet should automatically attack your target after you have fired upon it. Because it is a shuttlecraft, it should have minmal shields, and be very manuaverable. If it gets destroyed, give it a 10 minute CD.

Other factions in the game launch attackabe "shuttlecraft" type ships, we should have the same! Espically since it uses up a device slot. Also, shuttlecrafts have been used in the series to agument the ships firepower in numerous eposodes.

I have gone to Del Taco just to get the pet! I have played with it, and for lack of a better word... it is gay... and boring...

Upgrade the Del Taco pet to be a usable combat shuttlecraft, and you will see a flood of people running to Del Taco because it will make having a shuttlecraft more desirable and fun, and thus making the game a more accurate ,and enjoyable Star Trek Online experience!

Maurice J. Cross

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