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02-01-2010, 08:29 PM
Originally Posted by Neenos View Post
I did see the button that says make current when I went to the shipyard, but I could not make my new escort ship the default because it was not listed, only my light cruiser was listed. And for those of you who can't read I already stated that I received the escort at Lt. Commander, and not at Lt. level 11. Like I also said before, I see the ship within the character screen where you assign skills and such but it did not show up when I go to the shipyard.

Its all moot now,I'm responding now because I hope someone will remember this thread when they reach commander, captain or admiral and find themselves in the same situation, only to have Cryptic tell you its working fine.
did you go upto the ramp to the space ship shop and buy it for 0? cos you need to buy it before you get it available to the shipyard down the ramp .....just checking the obvious here.

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