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Hi all, having only recently delved into the canon of this IP I have to say that I am getting quite engrossed.

So, come one people, share your characters background. I will start:

Name: Lak'tek Nathaniel
Race: Nayormi'ka
Planet of origin: Nayormi'ka
Occupation and rank: Starfleet captain/Diplomat, Lieutenant Rank 5

More information is provided in the following link (consider it my entire bio, still a work in progress):

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# 2
02-01-2010, 07:51 PM
So nobody has created their own race?
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# 3
02-01-2010, 08:05 PM
Chat has.
Just cba to log in and copy and paste the bio.
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# 4
02-02-2010, 04:42 AM
I created my own race too as well.... but it's not up on any website. I should really upload it. =\
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# 5
02-02-2010, 11:27 AM
Originally Posted by AuroraMoon
I created my own race too as well.... but it's not up on any website. I should really upload it. =\
Well, if you haven't already, try out this site, it's pretty mint. I used their template for characters:

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# 6
02-02-2010, 01:46 PM
*Currently still under construction, but pretty fleshed out overall. If you would like more information, please PM me.

Race: Xyndaal
Home World: Zirci (destroyed)
Average Lifespan: 100-200 years
Average Height” 6'0” – 7'0” tall

Not much was known about the Xyndaal until a damaged colony ship entered Federation space in 2388, harboring all that was left of their people after their home world of Zirci (Class M) was assimilated by the Borg. Starfleet took them in as a whole, seeing it not only as an opportunity to assist a new species, but for tactical reasons. A deal was struck and the current population of Xyndaal are bound to Starfleet until their time of service is deemed fulfilled and they will then be granted a new planet and assistance to start anew.

They are an adaptable, humanoid species, usually with dark tinted skin that ranges anywhere from deep green, maroon, navy blue, to black, with colorful patterns (zivir) in the center of their head/face and small dual spines on either side. Their ears are pointed like a Vulcan or Romulan. Topknots are the preferred hairstyle and their hair comes in a variety of colors. Their eyes are humanoid, usually yellow or golden and are tetrachromatic. It is suggested they have similar ancestors to many of the existing humanoid species known. They seem to have a similar overall internal physiology when compared to humans. They do have an extra sensory organ at the base of their brain that seems to allow them better overall auditory and olfactory abilities. This organ may also be linked to the shared effects from the Jekhipe ceremony.

They would fall somewhere between Humans and Vulcans, in their physical agility and strength.

A female may have more than one procreation mate in a life-time, should she choose, but takes only one male as her Ves'tacha (betrothed.) They have a gestation period of 12 months, often conceiving twins. Bearing triplets and quadruplets is not uncommon either.

There is a genetic anomaly that happens every once in a while when a child can be born without their horns, with a full head of hair and with non-yellow eyes. These children are revered and cherished, often called “The Soft Ones.” These Xyndaal are often trained up for council positions within their society and are highly sought after as mates. They believe that these children represent their next true step in evolution.

They are a creative people, enjoying the things in life that stimulate the senses. (Creative trait) They are also a very structured people, having various castes within their system that one can strive for and are no strangers to military requirements. (Soldier trait)

They have several traditions that seem backward for their fairly advanced society. The rituals and ceremonies are often compared to Vulcan mysticism. Males and females both take a right of passage, which allows them to prove their personal choice of caste. Castes are never forced by birth, only by ability. But the ability must be proven.

They have quite an elaborate bonding ceremony. When they choose their mate, they re-new their vows to each other every year for the next ten years. If, during that time, they decide they are not fit for each other, they go their separate ways without remorse. If they decide to stay together as official betrothed, they perform another ceremony, Jekhipe, which bonds them together in spirit, literally. They are then considered Corthu, one being, joined, and can often sense the emotions, thoughts and on rare occasions
the physical sensations of each other even from long distances. They do not have any other mental abilities, normally.

They have a polytheistic religious view, much akin to human paganism. They celebrate the existence of 5 elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit and believe in two founding deities – The Mother and The Father. They are neither passive nor aggressive in nature, knowing that there is a time and place for war and peace.

Since they are currently so few in number, less than 1,000, they tend to stick together as their secondary, personal, directive is to eventually relocate and repopulate their species. Their Prime Directive, of course, is the same as Starfleet's, being it is all they currently have. They will, however, not serve in any unit within Starfleet in any number greater than three. If they were to do so, their chances for re-population would diminish should their unit be destroyed.
* It has yet to be seen if they can copulate with other humanoid species and produce offspring.

Male and Female Xyndaal

Female Xyndaal up close


Female "Soft One" up close

To make in the creator:
Headtype - Humanoid
Skin Color - Any of the darkest shades at far left or right. Dark Grey is also acceptable.
Pattern - Zivir (any color you choose)
Nose - Idanian
Eyes - Humanoid (any of the yellow shades, unless making a Soft One)
Ears - Pointed 1
Hair - Top Knot (unless making a Soft one)
Head Organic Attachment - Small Dual Horns (or none if Soft One)
Height - Between 6' and 7'
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# 7
02-02-2010, 03:22 PM
I've made my own race as well. Whereas I have not devoted an increasingly large amount of time into it you can still read all the information on them here http://forums.startrekonline.com/showthread.php?t=98899
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# 8
02-02-2010, 05:43 PM
Not so much came UP with a race as playing an established one that gets no representation in the show except for that one episode 200 years ago. The Androids of Galor IV (AKA: Planet Mudd from the classic episode, 'I, Mudd') are the race my character represents.
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# 9
02-02-2010, 06:22 PM
Name: Samael los' Toren
Race: Rukian
Homeworld: Rukia XII
Distinguishing features: Rukians tend to resemble humans, save for a ridge extending from the center of their forehead to between their eyes. This ridge terminates in a raised bump. Much like a thumbprint, the specific patterns of these bumps vary from Rukian to Rukian. Also, they possess a second set of eyebrows, perhaps as a leftover evolutionary trait due to the odd orbit of their homeworld. Their hair and eyes both tend to be a pale blue in color.

Mental traits:
Rukians are highly creative and intelligent, though more than a bit unorthodox in their thinking. To a Rukian, the more complicated the plan, the better. Their race values this unorthodox, creative thinking- the 'simple solution' is not only seen as incredibly boring, it's seen as an example of a lazy mind, something the Rukians detest.

Thanks to this creative drive, Rukians are highly adaptable, a trait which has allowed them to survive on their harsh planet. Rukia XII has an odd orbit- half of the year, it's the furthest planet from its sun. The other half of the year sees it move much closer. Thanks to this, the Rukians have adapted to both extremely hot and cold temperatures.

Rukians can, however, be seen as unfocused. In a single Rukians lifetime, he or she will likely start hundreds of small side projects, then drop them just as quickly to move on to the 'next big thing'. This is why it has taken the Rukians so long to develop a warp drive, and consequently join the Federation- as soon as they began work on the engine, they would be distract by something 'shinier'!

Rukians have an odd fascination with the stars. They believe that every time a new individual is born, a new star appears. When that individual dies, the star dies with him/her.

Relations with other species:
Rukians have had limited contact with most species in the Federation, as they have only recently joined. They see humanity as a race with endless potential. They get along well with Bolians, due to their similar outgoing nature. They try to keep the Vulcans distant- the two races are polar opposites. They appreciate the honesty and candid nature of Betazoids. Strangely enough, they seem to get along perfectly with the Ferengi.

However, the Rukians have a special relationship with the Daevans, a species with an insectlike appearance. The Daevans prevented an assault on Rukia XII by the Klingon Empire, and shared the secrets of warp drive with the Rukians. Despite their minor differences (the Rukians are outgoing and peaceful, while the Daevans are slightly xenophobic and aggressive) the two races have formed a close friendship. The Rukians, in fact, dragged the Daevans, kicking and screaming, into the Federation.

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# 10
02-02-2010, 06:45 PM
I made an El-Aurian with telekinetic powers.

Yeah, it's not canon, so what? She had some bizarre cybernetic implant or so.

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