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02-02-2010, 08:26 AM
Originally Posted by Beaker2009 View Post
Well, it's another example of content for Feds, the content is us playing Klingons.

They all want their federation hero ships that almost always win, and they have them now...
It's because they get conditioned to think that whatever they run across they can defeat pretty easily . I blame Cryptic for the easy pve conditioning. When they make PvE easy it creates a mind set of why doesn't this work like it does in PvE . So they whine and cry . The Klingons in PvE cloak maybe once , don't concentrate fire on one target and basically act like the dumbass AI they are. They then come into PvP and think they are going to roll in there cruisers and uber escorts ( which is actually pretty funny since those are always the first destroyed ) . You never hear the Feds whining about cloaking PvE BoP's , it's only about the PvP . There arguements hold no validity.
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02-02-2010, 08:54 AM
I'm in a T2 Fed escort.... and I HATE the ball, especially on cracked planetoid. It's boring as hell to just sit there and wait, and if we leave the ball, we're SOL cuz no one will bother to help you. I'd rather we fly in formation and seek out our enemy than just sit and wait!
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02-02-2010, 12:03 PM
Teamwork is key in any tier, but that doesn't mean that no imbalances exist.

Tier 1: Klingons have quite the advantage. You can talk about a few extra stat bumps from PvE gear all day long, but it won't make up for the fact that you can stay on one shield facing of a light cruiser pretty much at will. The smaller the battle size, the more it favors Klingons. In a 1v1 for instance, it's the Bird of Prey's fight to lose. In a 5v5 battle, Klingons should nearly always win in this tier, but losses will likely happen. Bridge Officer support abilities seem mostly worthless; damage out scales them by leaps and bounds. If the light cruiser had a better turn radius (though still lower than the BOP of course) things would probably even out.

Tier 2: I think the Klingons have a better chance here than most of them want to admit. Are you in trouble if the other team happens to have 5 Cruisers that actually support each other? Probably. Focus fire should cut through anything else like butter, especially if you have a Sensor Scan for the Alpha Strike. My Science Ship with Covariant Shields Mk III [Cap] (which gives them a very slightly higher shield value than the Mk IV on the vendor) can be obliterated within a few seconds of Rapid Firing Alpha Strikes - defensive abilities be darned. In fact, I sort of think Rapid Fire might be slightly overpowered at this tier, though Klingons don't have exclusive access to it, of course. Bridge Officer support abilities fare much better than they did in T1, but can still very easily be out damaged with just a couple tunnel visioning ships.

Tier 3: Not gotten here yet since head start, but it felt more balanced than either of the earlier tiers in Open Beta. Support abilities are extremely useful, and I seemed to see a lot less "blam blam dead" incidents in general. The first (and only) space-based crowd control becomes available here, though I still think it's too easily countered by first tier Science Teams.
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02-02-2010, 01:21 PM
Originally Posted by Phasmatis
Just a quick note on premades...

I haven't been part of a single premade. Not once. But here's an interesting difference from both sidesin T1 (sorry, I have a job and a family so I'm slow to level up):

As a fed:

The match starts, people warp in and wander off, very rarely you will see one other player loitering around the start waiting for somebody else, maybe 1 out of 5 matches. Once contact has been made by the first unlucky lone Fed the other Feds notice it, they're all spread out but they start rushing to aid their team mates, one at a time they come in to face off against 5 Klingons. Obviously that doesn't end well. The irony here is that all through beta the Fed players were screaming and yelling that all the Klingons needed to do was work together and that gear made no difference. Talking to the other Feds, those that answer anyway, and you find that many of them, most even, are new to the game.

As a Klingon:

As players warp in they generally cloak up. Most of the players hang around the warp-in point for a little bit, once three or four are in one of them gets antsy and zips off, the others follow. When first contact is made the Klingons outnumber the the lone fed 3 or 4 to 1, the outcome is obvious. About the time the first target pops there is another target or two flying up, by now all five Klingon players are together and chances are somebody has taken the initiative to form a team. Talking with the other Klingon players and you find that most of them were in the beta so they have a good idea of what they're doing.

Yeah, sometimes the Klingons play like the Feds currently are and you see some of them die. Even then though what I've noticed is that those that died seem to learn very quickly that they need to stop running off on their own. For some reason a lot of the Fed players just don't get that concept yet, they still charge in one at a time.

So it has nothing to do with premade groups, thats a convenient excuse when your team is getting slaughtered. It has everything to do with understanding the very basic concepts of PvP and focus fire. Natural selection should take care of the slow learners unless they're incredibly stubborn.

The T1 gear right now definately favors the Klingons. With my Fed character I still don't have equal equipment to what my Klingon started with. This is the opposite of what happened in the beta but it's nice to have confirmation that gear makes such a substantial difference since the Feds thoughout beta insisted that their gear wasn't giving them an advantage at all.

So, while the Klingons don't need a nerf so much, we do need Cryptic to do something with the starter gear and at the same time they need to increase Klingon rewards from PvP and/or PvP related missions so the Klingons can at least keep up with Fed gear, otherwise it will just swing the other way. Although I guess if I had to chose I don't mind losing so much in T1 if it means I have a constant flow of opponents and short queue times.
except its t1 gear... the everage person is out of it in a matter of hours..

Also, if the feds bother doing some of the content they get which we don't they get blues and greens for most of their important gear and are on par or better than what we can even get in t2.

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