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Back in my day when I fired off an Engineering Team, or a Science Team, or a Security Team...that's what WE called them back then, Security Teams...back in my day when we fired off a Bridge Officer's "Team" ability, it would automatically go off on us! If we wanted to share the BOff Buff on one of our friends who was getting pwned by a Neg'Vahr Warship, we had to target them specifically, and then trigger the ability.

This was a GOOD THING, to me anyway. .
  • If I'm getting hammered by 3 ships...
  • and trying to survive while shooting a 4th in a group action...
  • and that 4th ship just switched focus from me to my ally who has no damage at all...
  • And I REALLY need that Engineering Team to fix my hull or that Science Team to fix my shields...
  • I don't want to beam them over to the target of the ship I'm targeting! I want them to get off their Federated Posteriors and fix this ship! Not take a quick vacation over to the undamaged Escort ship because they have better programs in their holodecks (They are "escorts", after all...)

Any way we could get it back to what it used to be?


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