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# 1 Team Leader Skills
02-01-2010, 11:18 PM
In the following I am only talking about the ground abilities

After a lot of searching, asking around and trying I've come to the conclusion that these skills either dont work - or dont show what they do.

In theory I would have expected that increasing the Science Team Leader skill should for example improve the healing ability of my science officer.

The text says:
This skill improves the Scientific Theory and Scientific Practice skills of your away team science officers.

It does not (or does not show). The same is true for engineer and tactical BOs.

For the engineer teamleader skill it says: Improves the modification and maintenance skills of your away team.

These would correspond to the Maintainance and Modification Skills affecting the player. Using those shows an effect (like health of the laser turrets). The team leader skills again don't show any visual effect.

Has anyon out there seen anything improve or change on the ground by increasing one of the Team Leader Skills?

If someone from Cryptic wants to shed some light on this issue - please feel free

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