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# 1 KDF Channels List
01-06-2014, 11:24 AM
Hi every KDF warrior in the sector space!! I hope this year everyone can kill a lot of feddies, borg, etc... and our Empire growing.

I will try to update this Thread with the support of all of you, then please if anyone have or know more kdf channels please post behind

Refresh info (2014-06-Jan):

-KDF PVP (Reference "target feds" by drkfrontiers here: http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/sh...d.php?t=904801)
-kdfdefera (join for stf, fleet events, etc)
-kdfempire (talk about builds, weapons, etc)
-United Klingons (Fleet events, Glorious pvp battles, and Foundry missions - email at Grosh@cmcgill2nd with any questions or comments )
-KDF Empire (yes with "space" between KDF and Empire)
-rex fashions
-kdf pve (reference: over pves that provide dailys, provide a chance for kdf to form a nws team and fleet mark pve missions this is the information for rex fashions kdf pve channel)
-VoQuvs United channel for all Vo'Quv Captains

-Publicelitestf (for stf, thanks to ashkrik23 for information)
-OrganizedPVP (channel for everyone who like pvp)
-Public Service (20 channels in one)
-NoP Public Service Free FED/KDF t5 base-invites, cell/tuffli invites, boff-training, and more
-"Build Chat" Chat Channel


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# 2 VoQuv Channel
01-06-2014, 12:39 PM
I created a channel for Voquv Drivers called Voquvs United

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# 3
01-06-2014, 01:05 PM
Originally Posted by spectre211286 View Post
I created a channel for Voquv Drivers called Voquvs United

Thank you for your support.

Thread updated

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# 4
01-13-2014, 08:26 AM
all channels listen... if anyone have please post a message

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# 5
01-13-2014, 02:06 PM
I hope I'm not throwing off the thread - please be patient with a relative "noob" - but what is a "channel" in this context?
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# 6
01-13-2014, 02:22 PM
Originally Posted by pacelli1 View Post
I hope I'm not throwing off the thread - please be patient with a relative "noob" - but what is a "channel" in this context?
In the chat box you have in game there are multitude of chat channels you can join in order to have easier communication with people belonging to a fleet/group of players or that share similar interests. Some of them are public and opened to join and some need a special invitation by the channel moderator/s.

By default you have the zone chat channel which is the basic chat in STO and the local chat channel which is for communication with players that are 30m or closer to you.
You could manually join other channels in order to talk to people that have also joined the same channel. These ones presented in this thread here for example are channels for players of the Klingon faction that facilitate communication in order to get a Klingon team for PvE, PvP or similar grouping for playing the game, while the public ones are for players of any faction based on particular interest or segment of the game - for ex. OrganizedPvP for grouping together teams of PvP or Publicelitestf for getting good teams to do the end-game elite STFs with.
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01-13-2014, 02:23 PM
Zone is a channel. Fleet is a channel. Local is a channel. These are things you can right click in the text entry buffer to select where you want your chat to go. Unless certain overlaps occur as in with "local," they will not see each other, and may have entirely different people on them.

Many of these channels were custom made a while ago, and serve a specific function that the game lacks without them. For example publicelitestf allows you to set up an STF game (or really any PvE content, but mostly STF) with a team that generally knows what they're doing, knows the optionals, and isn't going to screw around and "fork" you over or leave or die a billion times or cost you aggravation annoyance or worse. If you just join a PUG (pick-up game, or random queue) you run into far too many that inentionally or unintentionally just ruin it for you. This channel weeds them out. It serves a purpose.

Some are more dedicated to tips/questions like if you have doubts about your build, or want suggestions on which boff skill is better for your ship.

You can join most channels without invite. Some require an invite though (depends on if the channel owner made it private or not). However, if you don't know the exact spelling of a name - including spaces - it can be hard to find the right channel you want to join. You could start your own channel but if you're looking for publicelitestf and you're the only one on your own channel, it serves no purpose* and you can't make any matches with it.

That is a newbie-friendly summary of channels and their purposes.

*= I do have one channel that I alone am on. It serves a very specific function that I won't get into. It isn't common for the average person though.

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