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02-02-2010, 03:32 AM
ground battles seem to be much more demanding of my pc than space ones, yet i have one set of graphics settling for both. Can i please tune my graphics settling in these environments seperatly.
I can play with it looking amazing in space, but I have to tune down my settings on the ground...

For my party i would like to know what they are all shooting at. Can i have party targets please?

Also, knowing what someone other than a party member is doing would be great, can i have a secondary target / focus.

Its a shame a cup of tea takes up the same amount of space in my hold as a Starship engine!
Limited space for the big stuf is sensible but small junk should just go in a big storage box.

How do you turn all none world elements off so i can take nice screen shots? nice to turn the way points visuals off, so i can arrange my officers for that perfect picture.


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