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# 1 New type of pvp scenario idea
02-02-2010, 03:27 AM
I will now propose a new type of pvp scenario idea. Feel free to add constructive ideas. Noone is interested in the usual FEDvsKDF folkore, insults, belittlement and other kind of unproductive cr ap.

It is also no place to dicuss class/ship/abilities, as there is enough threads about it. Also if you can only QQ i hope that you will reserve it for some other thread.


I truly despise deathmatch scenarions, because they are boring, predictable and...well i dont like them

Now lets say, we have achieved theoretical balance of cloaking device, so it gives attack benefit, wich doesnt completely annihilate one ship, but still isnt suicide run for the first one to uncloak.

The game would start when there are full teams on both sides. It would be just dense asteroid field (to add some tactic flavour), and the objective would be just to kill opposite team, with few adjustment.

- the game would be split in several engagements, wich yield victory point after it ends.
- if someone dies, he stays dead, until his whole team his dead
- team wich kills whole opposing team gets 1 victory
- after first victory, the teams are placed back to the start and new engagement starts
- team wich achieves first 3 victories, wins
- each engagement would have a cooldown of 6 mins (thus whole game will be max 30 mins).
- if teams are alive at the end of counter, the amount of kills decides the victory
- winning side gets 2x the amount of rewards (rewards should scale so they are worth the 30 mins)
- rewards are splited by judging dmg done, dmg recieved, healing done

The pros i see in this...
- every death counts, doing just dmg/death repeat combo wouldnt work
- no spawn camp
- no stupid random placement
- no stupid reinforcement one by one from different locations
- no whining about about speed of different classes
- dense asteroid field would provide a natural cover for ships

The cons...
- i dont see any !! its my idea after all!!


Now please discuss, post constructive ideas...but head my advice from the start please, thanks..
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# 2
02-02-2010, 03:37 AM
I think you misplaced "pro" and "con", they have opposite meaning to what you listed.
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# 3
02-02-2010, 03:40 AM
Originally Posted by Hundredth View Post
I think you misplaced "pro" and "con", they have opposite meaning to what you listed.
Fixed! Thanks...

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