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First I want to say: Nice Job so far. A lot things have to be sorted out but it's a new game.

But one point makes me mad:
In some missions there is no hint at all in which Sectorblock the mission target is. Recently I had a mission where I had to stop this planet killer. Mission text says "go to the xy system near briar patch".
Ok, Briar Patch is in the Regulus Sectorblock. I was highly surprised that the seeked system was in the Sirius Sectorblock! No hind in mission text at all!

And in the localized mission text it's even worse. Sometimes there is no hind at all where to go. Sometimes even the mission name is not clearly identified.
In fact I did the same as in every game in the beginning: Setting->language->english
You spend sometimes more time on seeking the system/region then on the mission itself!

Make this mission briefings more "military" style.

Mission: Do-TheTrick
Objective: Fix Missionlog
Mission-region: Regulus Sectorblock / Regulus Cluster / Regulus

"Textbody with description and blablabla"

Mission reward
1.000.000 less questions in zone "where is...."

So everyone would know where to go and what to do at the first view. For RP and mission details there is still the mission description.
Would also make more sense as an organisation as large as starfleet has to set up directives and routines to transmit their orders.
In the movies and series every time a captain tells his crew what their mission is this begins with "Star Fleet want's us to go to...." or "Star Fleet send us to...".

Oh, and please: Be more consistent with namings!
Lt. Commander
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02-02-2010, 04:24 AM
I agree it's really dumb as it often doesn't tell you where to go.
On the Briar patche's defenes, it's labelled on the Galaxy map, but not everything is when it isn't listed in the quest description.

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