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01-10-2014, 03:25 PM
Originally Posted by kantazo1 View Post
You don't need proof, you already have made your mind that you will install the new ARC and I say good for you, enjoy it, I just want the option of choosing if I want to install it or not.
I never said I'm installing arc.
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01-10-2014, 03:26 PM
Originally Posted by hanover2 View Post
If the pitch were something as honest as "If you want to keep playing STO, you must install Arc," it would be different, but we're getting some cagey tap-dancing on that point.
What tap-dancing?

They already said it was going to be non-optional for new downloads and it is.

They flat out told people they could keep using the distinct launchers for now and even told us how to do it.

They've told people that they can continue to use Steam instead if they want. They're not promising that will always be true, and frankly I'm not sure I would believe them if they did.

They've made no secret that they want to eventually integrate all of the game launchers into the Arc client.

Personally, I suspect that time is at least a year or more away from today. I further expect that the Cryptic games will be the very last games to get fully integrated into Arc. That part is just my own opinion, but I think it's a reasonable expectation.
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01-10-2014, 03:28 PM
Originally Posted by themarie View Post
Then why does it intrusively scan my hard-drives every time I use it? All four of them, all of my partitions?

Also, can you explain why it insists on installing browser plug-ins?

And finally, I would ask that you release the source code. No I am not trolling here. Someone is feeding Marketing a line of BS about ARC and Marketing is doing their best to sell it. However real-world experience is telling US the consumer something totally different. TOTALLY. So lets see the source code, so we can pick it apart and find out why it does the things it does.
Hey themarie,

Can you elaborate on the report regarding the hard drive scanning? Arc does check your drives to see if launchable PWE games are installed, but I'm not sure if this is the behavior you are referring to. Please share any details if anything seems amiss and I'll escalate accordingly. Alternatively, you can email us at

In regards to the browser plug-in, I am currently researching that topic to find out more technical information and hope to have more info to share on this thread soon.

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01-10-2014, 03:29 PM
Blue thank you for your response that answers all my questions.
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01-10-2014, 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by dezstravus View Post
Arc does check your drives to see if launchable PWE games are installed, but I'm not sure if this is the behavior you are referring to.
Can you please assure us that this is the ONLY reason for such a scan?
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01-10-2014, 03:38 PM
Originally Posted by dezstravus View Post
Hey themarie,

Can you elaborate on the report regarding the hard drive scanning? Arc does check your drives to see if launchable PWE games are installed, but I'm not sure if this is the behavior you are referring to. Please share any details if anything seems amiss and I'll escalate accordingly. Alternatively, you can email us at

In regards to the browser plug-in, I am currently researching that topic to find out more technical information and hope to have more info to share on this thread soon.

If it checks my hard-drives once for PWE products that's fine. All it needs is a single runtime scan after installing. From that point forward... once ARC is integrated into my system... It should know when I install ANYTHING involving PWE. And it would be a simple matter for the program to do a checksum style test on any and all PWE products I use to determine if I'm a hacker.

Given the way it integrates into my system both of those things should be no challenge to implement.

Instead, EVERY TIME I open up Arc, all four drives light up, the system slows to a craw and stays this way for 10-15 min. All of my network functions outside of Arc/STO slow to a crawl too while ARC is running. It's doing something in the background and I have no idea what.

I'm running six cores, 32 gig of ram, 1 year old video card, Windows 7.

So what the heck is it doing if not scanning my hard-drives? And why does it usurp control of my connection and throttle everything?
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01-10-2014, 03:47 PM
You know if everyone on this thread went out and bought 100 shares of Perfect World Stock they could get together elect a spokesman and order Perfect World not to push through ARC.
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01-10-2014, 03:52 PM
I'm only going on the information I've seen on the news and the information that been made available to me.

I also know that a lot of STO players work for various U.S. companies. A few friends I play with do and use their own computers for both work AND to play STO.
In-fact, I'd say a lot of Star Trek fans, gravitate toward computer and technology industries.

Knowing these facts:

I ask myself where the hell is this software originating from ? Cryptic ? Or PWE ?
Who's pushing to make it mandatory and why ?
Someone's gotta be gaining something out of all this time and effort.

And I further ask myself if this software brings anything that I need, or that would enhance my personal experience. For me, so far the answer is NO.

I use in game chat, communicate with friends via teamspeak and don't play any other PWE games.

As a computer owner/user I treat every single piece of software I put on my computer as suspect and I have to way risks vs rewards before down loading anything.

I also have to utilize my computer's limited resources as wisely as I can.

We all do this. Anyone who argues in this day and age to just trust any foreign entities's software, regardless of whether they need it or not, is just plain crazy. Conspiracies schmonspiracies

NOW, If PWE were to give away free zen for using ARC.......... I'd be open to downloading
You want to gather info about my system or my online activities? Fine, pay me for it.
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Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
It's really amazing that this announcement happened on the same day at both NW and STO. We have around 50 pages of ranting against Arc and they have a page and a half of complimentary comments about how convenient and cool Arc is for NW.


I wonder what explains that difference. I can't find a thread about it at CO either.
Different type of players in each of the Cryptic games. There is some crossover of course.

NW being the newest game and being a solely download only game, more of the people who play it have obviously had to do so by installing ARC. Which for them means ARC or no game.

STO and CO being older games and actually having physical discs may mean that players use those discs to install the game and have access to the launcher. So for now there is no reason to waste time or space on ARC.

As for why you can't find anything on the CO forums about ARC is because, well, no one plays CO.

I kid, I kid. There are a lot fewer players there though so the uproar may simply be so small it's slipping through the cracks.

My opinion on ARC is simple:

If I have to use it to start Cryptic games, fine. As long as I can shut it down after the game is launched I have next to no problem with it.

If it's something I have to keep running in the background in order for my game to stay running, *THEN* I've got a major problem. Especially if it's going to try and add things to my browser that I don't want. And from everything I'm hearing, it's sounding more like this is the route it's taking.

Now, it's still in beta and has bugs, obviously. Perhaps that's why it's setting off peoples spyware and antivirus programs. Could the program not be doing everything it's intended to be doing and perhaps doing things it's not supposed to do? Of course, otherwise they would have rolled it out by now and we'd all be using it.

Or Steam.

Either way, I'll wait until the finished product rolls out to base my final opinion on it. But, since they asked for feedback I'll give them mine below...

ARC seems like a good thing for PWE games, just not Cryptic/PWE games. Cryptic already has a unified launcher that can and does launch all 3 of their games with little trouble. I also understand PWE wants to bring all their properties under "one roof", so to speak. Allowing Cryptic games to maintain their own launcher system as well as be incorporated into ARC may be a compromise. If an individual player wants to go the ARC route they can, or if they wish to continue using the old launcher they have that option.

I know that having the launcher and ARC will never fly and PWE has spent too many resources to NOT use ARC as the one and only way to play their games, aside from Steam, currently. So once PWE feels ARC is bug free enough, they will disable the Cryptic launcher and we'll be stuck with ARC or Steam. And since Steam is an option, I will likely be headed in that direction until PWE pulls Steam support as well.

Which if they do, could raise one heck of a crapstorm.


I don't want ARC, Cryptic games don't need ARC and I really don't want to use ARC. If I am to chose between ARC and Steam, I'll pick Steam. And I really hate Steam. If PWE pulls support for the Cryptic games away from Steam and makes ARC the one and only way to play Cryptic games, then maybe my days of playing Cryptic games will be at an end.

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I used ARC for a time, and uninstalled it due to performance issues. That's my stance on it. I can run STO without any major problems as long as ARC isn't on my system. I have a proper gaming rig waiting on me that can handle running ARC better, but I sill keep STO installed on this one, and will continue to use this laptop.

If ARC is forced, I could live with it, but the option needs to be made to shut it down after STO starts.

PWE should keep in mind that there are poor players of games that don't have the high-end computers required to handle running a bunch of stuff at once.
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