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# 1 Ideas for Fleet Actions
02-02-2010, 05:07 AM
Ideas for Fleet Actions

Loot distribution: Loot distribution ranking by damage alone greatly favors escorts to a point where other ship classes have no chance to get something useful.

Proposal: determine ranking not by damage dealt alone, but factor in damage taken (tanked), enemies debuffed, allies buffed... things like that. I cannot come up with viable factors since I do not have enough statistical data but it should be possible.

Another proposal: have 3 rankings, one for escorts, one for cruisers and one for science ships. Ranking could be determined by damage or maybe some other criteria, tanking for cruiser, for example.

Brackets: So going to Starbase 24 with a Sovereign is not fun for the others? True. But we would also like to be able to help our friends.

Proposal: How about letting all into one instance, but you must be in the supposed level range to be able to get loot. So if I helped a friend with my Sovereign it would be fine, but I wouldn't get any loot (I wouldn't need it anyway...)

Going one step further, I raise the question, why the topmost scorer has to get the loot, since, well, obviously he (or she) doesn't need it anyways. The ship seems well equipped and the player has enough skill.

Mad proposal: give the loot not to the topmost player, but to the last ranking player, hey, he needs it more. Of course, this would be madly abused, so lets give the loot to the player who is exactly in the middle. I doubt it would be possibvle to deliberatly become middle scorer.

Does anyone have more (mad) ideas?

Hm, I think I might offer damage dealing services for pick up groups. I'll then call it an escort service :-)

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