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Any word on why this can happen?

It can take up to 15 minutes just for this to show up when logging in.
Once this normally happens once, I'll be able to log in afterwards normally.
Seems it always happens no matter what after an update.
At other times, it randomly happens; not necessarily every day though.
Sometimes, I've gone a week without seeing this, sometimes, the next day.
Seems like it only happens the first time on logging in for that day.

Note :: I did a search but didn't find much that wasn't very old.
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02-13-2014, 10:40 AM
I've got the same issue... The loading screen takes 5-10 minutes to load usually. After it loads and prompts for login it has "Account Ticket Authentication Failed" on the screen.

I can log in without issue though.
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02-18-2014, 10:49 AM
I also have this issue on 2 different computers but not with the Mac Beta. On my Win7 main computer same issue as discussed above. 5-15 min wait time followed by "Account Ticket Authorization Failed". Then I re-input my password and it works fine. The wait time is VERY annoying though. Same thing happens on my MacBook Pro running Win7 under Bootcamp. But when playing the Mac beta it does not happen.

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Still does it after all these months, this and several other problems makes the game not worth playing, too bad they decided to add stuff instead of fixing the problems
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02-24-2014, 07:46 PM
I'm getting this on my girlfriend's computer, but not mine. (She got this both over wifi, and now over the wired connection.) Game goes through Cryptic load screen, then just hangs on the STO:LoR screen until getting the Account Ticket failure message. At that point, I can load re-enter my credentials, and the game loads fine.

Anyone have any idea of a solution?
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03-13-2014, 06:40 PM
I'm seeing this issue as well. Only after an update. Next login is fine.

Very annoying, so if anyone finds a solution/workaround/tips, that would be great!

I've thought about re-installing the game.

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