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01-22-2014, 07:26 AM
It also would like to point out to the very good suggestions made by others and myself in this thread:
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01-24-2014, 12:21 PM
Well I have just played through all the revamped Klingon War episodes, calling them a revamp is in no way the right wording. REMASTERING is more apt. Every mission where I knew I was to expect something, I was dealt a completely new scenario. All the episodes are NEW, they are brilliantly crafted.

Only encountered two episodes with bugs, they were Treasure Trading Station and What Lies Beaneath (have submitted bug reports for both).

I think the best episode of all was Citty on the Edge of Never. Battling Klingon onboard the Kirk acyualllfelt like you were onboard a starship.

Congratulations to a job very very very well done. You should all be proud of your work.

If these missions were anything to go by the anniversary FE with Tuvok is gonna be mind blowing.

Thank you guys again for a job well done.
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01-25-2014, 02:27 PM
The Doomsday Device: (moderate adjustments needed)
  • Lt. Van'Zyl's dialogue contact is displayed without a background or with the wrong one. In general, she should be accompanying the player to the IKS Targ instead of remaining behind.
  • The IKS Targ's interior is not credible for a small BoP. Okay, the hallways are immensely tall, but the general layout and the descending/ascending corridors are illogical. This has been an issue since the mission was first released.
  • Hailing your own ship from the IKS Targ, shows the wrong (old) bridge background for my BOff.
  • On Imaga, any Klingon group without Targs has to be labeled as not hostile. They should not become hostile (i.e., attackable) until the palyer is discovered by a Targ. Most players will not realize that they can in fact approach the Klingon groups without being attacked. Although the mission tells the player beforehead, this would be a great quality-of-life improvement.
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[*]Starfleet officers BATTLING bar patrons because they closed down their holosuites??? This seems like the incredibility-overkill. This is NOT Star Wars; seriously, STODecker, you cannot do that. It undermines the whole strife for making STO the best trek-game around. These stone-old missions clearly date from times when Cryptic knew only ONE form of interaction with problems: Shooting. Add a dabo table and have the bar patrons challange you to a dabo game OR make it a 1:1 melee-only fight with a Nausicaan bar patron. BEST SOLUTION would be, to remove this mission all together. The mission isn't vital for the general storyline and it apparently takes too much dev-time to bring up to minimal quality standards. Any Trek-fan playing this mission the way it is now will either laugh or cry and probably contemplate whether to continue playing at all.
Im going to argue that they actually DID improve this sequence. As previously we KILLED them. Now our phasers are on STUN (they surrender or have the stunned visual applied to them permanently). Second as a long time Trek fan, this is completely plausible. Go rewatch Trouble with Tribbles or any DS9 episode where a barfight broke out in Quarks. Hell, there were at least 2 barfights on the Enterprise-D. Picard even got into one himself as an ensign. Bars in Trek are very seedy. Especially civillian outposts like this and especially ones known for trading in contraband.
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We have just completed a full team run through the revamped missions on holodeck.

Sadly only three new accolades triggered in that playthrough.
  1. The Combination to the Luggage
  2. Power Controller
  3. Air Supply

All the 'other' ones seem not team 'friendly'.
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02-01-2014, 12:20 AM
Originally Posted by dukedom01 View Post
We have just completed a full team run through the revamped missions on holodeck.

Sadly only three new accolades triggered in that playthrough.
  1. The Combination to the Luggage
  2. Power Controller
  3. Air Supply

All the 'other' ones seem not team 'friendly'. do I get the MOST AWSOME REFRENCE accolade in the Remaster Stop The Signal?
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Originally Posted by kagasensei View Post
(played with my copied lvl 50 FED Sci character)

General remarks: [list][*]Played everything on difficulty setting two, and it felt very "good", i.e. appropriate. I think the new difficulty is just right: Easy on setting 1, moderate at 2, and challenging at 3.)

I've been playing on Normal all along and thought it was relatively simple with just enough combat to be fun. Now the first two missions (rescue the azura and diplomatic orders) just feel gutted. It's not "easy" on level one, it's nonexistent. There is no real combat action on the ground maps of any kind.

What they've done to the normal mode challenge in the first two missions is disappointing to say the least. If all of the revamped missions are this dumbed down, then I've just wasted money unlocking new character slots.

I'm not an "endgamer"; I like the journey. Please don't suck all the fun out of the journey.
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02-01-2014, 10:39 AM
I just wish the new corridors from the Origin bridge set (which have now been in more of these missions in the remastering) would have become standard on the default bridge set Origin as well. The new transporter room for example roxx the soxx in the missions.

I also got only three 'lades in the new missions. I wish there were more.
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