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# 1 PvE penalty system
01-12-2014, 08:02 AM
Hi, I know that others have asked for it before, a PvE penalty system for people that just get in, do nothing, or nearly, and get the rewards. I tried to do a The Cure Found, elite, and we have one guy just getting in and doing nothing. It finish with me closing the game, because the Kang was nearly destroyed. So, here my suggestion for a PvE penalty system for inactive players.
1 - If you do nothing at all, you get a -25.
2 - If you put yourself on follow and do only auto-attack, you get a -10.
3 - But I will go even a bit further, if you are active during a part of the event and get inactive, you still loose some points. To avoid people that get in, participate a bit and do nothing after. The penalty should be proportional to the part of the event you were inactive.
4 - Even going a bit further, stats should be kept of how often you use skills, again to avoid someone use skills in a part of the event, to prove that he is "active" and then stay on follow for the rest of the event.
5 - You never get positive point, unless you have negative one. Otherwise, someone could accumulate them and do nothing there after.
6 - If you do it right, you get back 5 points.
7 - But again, stat should be kept on how often you loose points, to avoid that peoples do it right a few times to get back to 0 and then start again not doing much. So, in this case, you should get back less points, 4, 3, 2 and even one if you do it too often.
8 - At -100, it become really nasty, because you are match only with peoples that are also under -100. So, it take you longer to get a PvE and you are with other peoples that usually don't do much.
9 - At the first offend, under -100, you get a grace period after a week, you come back to -90. After a second it's 2 weeks, up to whatever limit you see fit.
10 - A message should pop at the end of the event to indicate to the player that he got negative PvE reputation points because of it's inactivity. But, since people tend not to read it before closing it, a mail should be sent also, just to make sure that he got the message.

I don't like penalty system. Usually active people could get penalized because they have a real life that could interrupt them. But still, if they usually active, they will quickly get back to 0. The real leeches would have to either start doing it right or not doing it. Yes, it may lead to less players doing PvE, but it's better to wait a bit longer and have active players than raging against leeches and take twice the usual time to do it.

I would let the quitter penalty as is. At least the quitter already don't get any rewards. And I admit that I sometime quit, when I fall on a completely disorganized group, or that there is leeches in the group, and that the event will be just too long. In Infected, the conduit and Khitomer, especially, I send the procedure at the beginning, so if peoples are not able to follow instructions, I have 0 tolerance. Someone may not know the procedure, I didn't when I first tried an elite STF, telling myself that it will only be more though. But, when someone tell you how to do it and you just don't listen...

So, that's my suggestion. Like I said, I don't like coming to that myself, but some peoples, positive reinforcement don't work, then it take penalty to make them understand or quit.
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# 2
01-12-2014, 08:10 AM
There is already a penalty for inactivity in cued events. This one is not needed.

But even if there weren't, I wouldn't support your suggestion as it is needlessly complicated.
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