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Lethargic is back we were a top PvP guild on Warhammer in its day, on Monolith Server. We are here to work on STO and create a great group of people.

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What is Lethargic...?

Well simply put Lethargic is a new guild (Throggdor) is starting in Star Trek Online.

The principal tenants of Lethargic.
1) Above all else, have fun. Itís a game enjoy it.
2) Nothing is off limits, but we all have common sense use it.
3) Be loyal to your guild and most importantly to your guild mates.
4) In the kingdom of Lethargic the lawls reign supreme.

Reason for Lethargic Existing:

I have found that throughout the internet there is a silent majority that do and say as they want because the internet gives us a level of anonymity that provides us the ability to really be ourselves, by saying and doing what we want whenever we want.

Unfortunately in MMO's we lose a little bit of that anonymity and that is unfortunate, especially when individuals are forced to conform to the rules and regulations of others in order to fit in. Lethargic was founded to give those of you who feel as I do, to give all of us something to replace that anonymity with... a sense of belonging, by surrounding ourselves with like minded people. Simply put we believe in the same thing that the true embodiment of the internet represents, the free exchange and flow of ideas without fear of reprisal by others.

We are seeking to create a virtual community very much like the ones most people have in their real lives, the only difference is instead of going biking, watching sports, fishing, or playing cards, we play Star Trek Online, and just like in those events when you are not actively engaged in something you chat it up and have a generally good time, with your buddies.

What can you expect from Lethargic:

1) As with all communities we will strive to provide you with a base of players you can feel comfortable with and have a good time playing STO.
2) Support, we will try to find players from all over the spectrum to have available all aspects of the game so all the in game content will be available for everyone.
3) Skilled players with a LONG history of top end guilds across many MMOS. Members of top raiding guilds in WoW Vanilla Days (when game was hard). Top PvP guilds in games such as Warhammer and Guild Wars.

What Lethargic expects from you:

1) We expect our members to have fun.
2) We expect our members to have common sense.

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