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# 1 WANTED: Foundry Authors
01-15-2014, 04:57 AM

The Frontier is actively seeking to recruit Foundry authors to join our Foundry Corps. The Foundry Corps is a select unit within Frontier Fleet tasked with writing and crafting new Foundry Missions (both individual and serial episodes) which prominently feature Frontier Fleet and it's officers.

Tasked assignments can range from, but are not limited to, creating a Fleet Introduction/Orientation mission, Training missions, missions detailing the adventures of our officer's Fan-fiction stories and forum-based role-play, creating new missions to be used by Frontier Officers as a medium for new Role-playing events, and creating "sets" to be used in the filming of our "Star Trek: Infinite Horizons" project.

Interested parties should inquire at http://sto-frontier-fleet.proboards.com/ or contact any staff officer (@Gawain_VIII, @GaborGombar, @FAdmBamBam, @CentCom177, @Kritus, @AZdude, or @Billsy101) for more information.
VAdm Robert Charles Graham
U.S.S. Gawain, NCC-91980
Frontier Fleet

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