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We Are A fleet that is a Rp/Pvp/Pve. We do encourage Role-playing but we don't force it on you. We are Mainly a Group that Wants to be a fun community to be together and make friends and hang out. This doesn't mean we don't have rules or structure.

Chain of Command:

We have a chain of command that will be followed, it is there for organization to ensure that this community continues to run stable.


1. no racism

2. no discrimination

3. be helpful

4. be considerate and patient ( not everyone will have as easy time as you will)

5. be committed: you joined a fleet to be apart of a community so be active in it, we all have our own lives, families , jobs ect. but this community will be like its own little family i don't want you to join and remain absent for six or seven months remember , people put effort in making this we expect you to respect our effort and be active in what we created.

6. Be Respectful to you fellow brother and sister: this is a role-playing group what you do in role play and how you act out of character or two separate things so keep them separate...any out of character problems will not be tolerated.
Crimson Code

1. Never will i leave another crimson behind.

2. The Fleet is my family and i will be loyal

3. My crimson captains are my brothers and sisters friendly i will always be.

4. Never will i cast a dark shroud on the reputation of the crimson dawn

5. I will always be ready to throw myself in harms way for any crimson who needs it

6. i will keep a constant eye out for those who deserve to be welcomed to our fleet.

7. i will show the same effort that those have shown in me.

for this is the code that every crimson should follow for in the end all we have is the man next to us and in a world of blood and destruction its the brotherhoods that will keep us strong.

If you want more info please Visited our site

If you Find you want to join our fleet Message or mail us on Star Trek Online:
Asura Telijira@Sk3l3ton13
Gavin Belmont@GavinBelmont
Pink Raidence@RazrEdge

Never Faultier Stay Strong and Honorable. Pass or Fail
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# 2 Crimson News
02-02-2010, 10:35 AM
We Are Recruiting So sign up!
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# 3 Crimson Roster
02-02-2010, 10:39 AM
Fleet Admiral Asura Teljira

Fleet Admiral Gavin Belmont

Fleet Admiral Rebeka Strife

Ambassador: Pink Raidence

Commissar :

Chief Executive Officer:

Security Officer:

Senior Captain:


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# 4 Crimson Dawn Allies
02-02-2010, 10:42 AM
Spot for Crimson Dawn Allies
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