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I was having trouble with D2D pre-order download. I got in the maii after ordering the link to download and the "key". I activated it, had 2 characters at the C-store, no unlocked special things. So I was mad I was like all CRYPTIC SUCKS. So i took it upon myself to find out the problem so it could be fixed, and I could help others fix it.

-How to get your pre-order bonuses via Atari.com digital deluxe download edition-

1. Goto the following link: http://store.atari.com/dr/v2/ec_main...=10346&pn=1#q2

2. Enter either of the 2 options of information to get to your order.

3. You see the order, now underneath it is a PRINTER & DISC icons. CLICK ON THE DISC ICON!

4. You will be brought to detailed information of your order, and BEHOLD 2 keys.

Why they made icons to look like your printing or saving information is beyond me. This is how I found out my second key to get pre-order bonuses. So doesnt apply to all retailers, but check your product info page.

Hope i helped you!

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