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# 1 constant disconnects?
02-02-2010, 11:30 AM
Started in last 10 min or so, cant stay connected for more then a min or two, anyone else?
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# 2
02-02-2010, 11:42 AM
Originally Posted by Shiatan78 View Post
Started in last 10 min or so, cant stay connected for more then a min or two, anyone else?
I don't know if you've ever taken place in a large MMO before but the vast majority have issues on release day. STO should be no different, despite the Open Beta people clamoring that they were there to make Cryptic ready.

You will probably read, or have already read, that the most successful MMORPG ever also had the same issues at launch (WoW). Having worked at Blizzard as a GM for WoW I can attest to the fact that WoW had a craptstic release. It was for a reason, however. for Wow the reason was later named as, "The Terrible Twenty." That stood for the first 20 servers/realms that were available upon release. Blizz didn't know how many copies it would sell and they were preparing for the medium estimates. They were (pleasantly so) shocked to see that the game broke records in sales and the fans/gamers needed far more server than what was anticipated. This was only corrected after several weeks of tweaking and fixing. In that time connections to the main play servers was almost nill (none). So while this might not be the smoothest of launches ever, it is by far not the worst, even as far as Cryptic standards go, as much as I'm aware.

So patience is a virtue in this case. I know you've likely planned a lot behind this. I would if I was you. I'm a die hard gamer and I'd give my left nut to gain the upper hand in a newly released MMO. Just keep in mind that everyone, not just you, is having this problem. You're still on the same playing field and, given Cryptic's major development status, they will undoubtedly offer you some form of gratuity if you are unable to access their servers because of their inability to offer the service to you.

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