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# 1 KWSNi Fleet Recruiting!
02-02-2010, 10:44 AM

KWSNi are a multi MMO friendly and mature fleet, now within STO! We've had players in the game since closed beta so we know are way around our ships. We're looking for 18+ - although we have been seen to make exceptions in extraordinary cases. The fleet has been around for 3/4 years now in different MMO's, we use Ventrilo as a second fleet chat and we have a website at - which at the moment focuses around the other MMO's we play in but an STO section is being added in for our STO users!

If you'd like to join our fleet please add Shooter@jonobradley, Carter@evilbro, hammerfist@ian251186 or damieyena@damieyen for an invite. We look forward to seeing you in game soon!

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