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For one there are no updated spawn points for the ground missions that require you to traverse miles of a civilian/fed base loaded with boxes that your BO's get stuck in, then fill them with mobs that kill you in three melee hits, and then have camera angles that go all crazy when you target making dodging impossible due to all the crap that you and your BO's keep getting stuck on. To top it all off, if you die you have to spend 5 mins running back to the mob that killed you only to find they have regenned their life and once again kill you. THIS IS ****ING STUPID!

Episodes give you updated respawns, but crappy explore missions do not. I have MKII gear on all my BO's and I, yet the mobs do INSANE DAMAGE AND EVERYONE GETS STUCK AND YOU CANNOT SEE DUE TO THE CAMERA ANGLES! Yes I know to expose/exploit but this only works ~10% of the time for me.

Please fix, because spending 30 mins just to give up and get nothing on an explore mission sucks balls Cryptic.

Arucanis Arm exlpore map is where this happened. The real kicker is needing 3 of these to complete a quest that is 2 levels lower than me that is populated with mobs that stun lock me and throw me into objects is absolutely no fun, especially when my whole team is targetting them and Im blowing through consumables for no reward since I CANNOT KILL THEM.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2 Same here!
02-02-2010, 11:37 AM
Same happened to me on my second mission and then on the third it was 5 mobs of Klingons that I just could not kill. What made it worse was that my whole team was stuck at the beggining beam in point and unable to move, they were one big glob of 4. Exploration missions are were the Federation should be exceling- to explore, making more xp unlike a klingon who fights to really progress- but instead you chase down 5 anomalies and get 0-NOTHING for exp. Now being federation is just the same as being a klingon-hunt and kill for more exp.

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