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# 1 Can't logon
02-02-2010, 01:48 PM
Well I paid 50 for the deluxe edition for the BETA and headstart phases, and have played only a couple of hours in 2 weeks, due to log on issues. Oh yeah, I can't wait for the official launch which will mean even less time online!!! I don't expect I will get any kind of refund, and I don't think I will get any kind of game play in the next month. This is why people will leave, and this is why it's pointless doing BETA and pre-launch testing - it means nothing and you are just a "wanna play" character when the retail release comes out.

We / you are all just guinea pigs for the corporation and are not worth anything when the full release comes out - you are less than trash, and can be ignored once they get the monthly payments for the game.

From what I saw, the game was okay - nothing more. Too much space combat, and not enough ground adventure. Space docks were pretty average affairs, and PvP did not crop up.

I love ST and was REALLY looking forward to this, I didn't expect it to be up to any standard I had, but I think I expected more.........

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