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The, the Cat is out of the bag, this reward office as Attack Pattern Omega III.

Which can also be obtain by speccing tactical escort, 9 points, in it.

So it seems that the trainable Captain BO Skills are indeed obtainable elsewhere
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02-11-2010, 07:14 AM
While it would good news if this was true, the much more likely explanation for the availability of attack pattern omega III is that this was simply unintentional (there have been previous reports of this ability being found on reward BOs).
What is more likely: unlockable skills are really available on rare BOs and after over a week and countless players hitting admiral already only one of maybe 10 unlockable abilities has ever been sighted in such a way, or that this one ability was put on the BO "loot table" by accident?
Or as an alternative explanation: considering this is the only ability unlocked through a "ship flying skill" (as to my knowledge) it was never meant to be an unlockable one (other ship class captains don't have anything similar).

Don't get me wrong, other than a possiblity to get HY torp. III in a rank 2 slot there is hardly anything that would please me more than to see unlockable skills being somehow available to all players and not just those of the corresponding profession.
Based on the currently available information and observations I don't see this being the case though.

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