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01-19-2014, 08:17 AM
Cool idea but it won't happen. It died when Cryptic decided to make Roms 1/2 a faction.
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01-19-2014, 08:45 AM
Originally Posted by protogoth View Post
Cryptic's response was not posted in my thread (I've gradually come to the conclusion that nobody on the Staff and none of the Mod team pays much attention to anything in the Romulan Gameplay subforum unless a ticket is sent in to report some violation of the ToS), but was stated some time before that elsewhere (probably in STO General Discussion). But your reply quoted above was more of the same "it's never gonna happen" stuff. I refuse to accept the message of defeatism you have preached. Several flaws exist in your presentation, not least of which is the assumption that Cryptic "could not" make the Romulans a full faction and that their current status "doesn't allow for" what I've suggested. On the contrary, three-way factions are not particularly difficult to develop or implement, and my suggestion is merely a question of aesthetics, which is easy enough to accomplish without having to rebuild everything from the ground up as you seem to believe (which leads to my conclusion that you didn't read the post I linked, because if you had, you would know that your assertion that it's impossible is ludicrous).
Well, good luck with that.
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01-20-2014, 01:18 AM
Around Legacy of Romulus's launch, I recall someone suggesting a Romulan community starbase. Where Romulan players aligned to either side could donate to the community cause and build up a Romulan Spacedock. So if it's a community project, there shouldn't be any issues with alliances. All they have to do is provide a way to donate towards the project that Romulan players want.
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01-21-2014, 09:01 AM
GIVE THE ROMULAN FRACTION SOME LOVE!! The OP's suggestions are interesting and would be fun, but I think if one digs in the Romulan Gameplay area of the forums one will find we've already hammered out a bunch of good ideas Cryptic could pull from. I hope they will eventually get off their ass and do so... my money isnt on that tho.
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01-21-2014, 09:02 AM
With the state of the game, and all other considerations carefully weighted, I would say that if there were one feature ever to redeem this Romulan fractional quasi-solution produced as part of a distant dream of something once complete, it would be Romulan Starbases. To stay within the boundaries of technical soberness. I can think of much more, but not with a clear head!

Why? Just for the sake of putting some spiritual purpose into the meager activities that we can take part in. As it stands, you feel reduced to a quarter of your full potential, working for a third party entity, after being divided by two. Just to make absolutely sure nothing comes out as one. Apart from this one request! Maybe it should be broken into something less substantial, in the spirit of it all. Just to not completely overwhelm the quiet calm of ongoing fragmentation, that we have enjoyed thus far!

This one thing, would put fear back into the dividing spirits. And for that alone, it is a good idea.

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01-21-2014, 09:13 AM
I still don't see why the Romulans need to be Fed or Kling, why cant we be ourselves and choose to be enemies with the Fed or the Klings or choose to be neutral to each other. The devs could use the quests already on place and just twist a little bit the outcome.
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01-21-2014, 09:24 AM
Personally, and I think it would fit the Romulan persona, there should be a FE series where Rom Captains (regardless of affilitation) are called to New Romulas and let in on a plan where D'Tan used the Federation and the Klingon Empire to get their colony/flotilla and fleet up to size, and now wants to break away and return to a more self sufficient Romulan Republic.

The player is then presented the option to Join the Romulan Republic, or continue on in their current Affiliation (no switch back). If they join the Republic, they are removed from any aligned fleet, and can proceed to form a fleet of their own (on New Romulas) and begin their own bases etc. Opens it as a third stand alone faction.

Just my thoughts on it...

To the OP's point... I wholeheartedly, 110% support the idea of allowing us to pick from a selection of exterior/interior layouts for the starbase...
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01-21-2014, 09:26 AM
We are very thankful to our brothers of the Federation and the Kling On empire but it is time for New Romulus to stand up on our own two feet.

It is time to take care of the Tal-Shiar and end this internal dispute.

It is time for the Romulan Eagle to fly free again.
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01-21-2014, 09:57 AM
Yes, he who shalt not be named..says many things he never makes good on. If it can't be used as a farming implement, or crammed in a lockbox, it will not happen.
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01-21-2014, 09:58 AM
You have put the bird in a cage, now it make noises.

For it wants to be part of the sky.

It is such a narrow stage, with such limited choices,

Why should it not be able to fly?


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