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01-21-2014, 12:08 PM
Originally Posted by tyraidd View Post
Around Legacy of Romulus's launch, I recall someone suggesting a Romulan community starbase. Where Romulan players aligned to either side could donate to the community cause and build up a Romulan Spacedock. So if it's a community project, there shouldn't be any issues with alliances. All they have to do is provide a way to donate towards the project that Romulan players want.
This is an awesome idea, but I don't know how you'd implement it.
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01-21-2014, 12:46 PM
Originally Posted by stofsk View Post
This is an awesome idea, but I don't know how you'd implement it.
Would this be like a "Public Starbase" maybe? That would require some sort of service access limitations, or you would mess with their Fleet endgame economy/strategy. And it would have to be provided by Cryptic at any rate. It would be like building up New Romulus, only with a Starbase, and for real this time...

More legacy building, and less grumping about, would be just fine with me.

Edit: This also means similar projects had to be available across the board, or else there will be trouble. Just felt that disturbance in the Aether. Hehe...


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01-21-2014, 12:52 PM
...I don't know how you'd implement it.
Nor do I, but it is a shame that fleets cannot round out the trifecta of playable factions with fleet holdings in each. After all, fleet holdings are independent from the actual factions except with respect to location. It is the Fleet officers who make the personal sacrifices necessary to build infrastructure from the ground up. Even having the survivors of the Romulan diaspora choose which side to work with does not erase their own distinctiveness, as the storyline amply demonstrates. It is perfectly rational to believe that a reunified Romulan hegemony would be every Romulan's dream, irrespective of their internal politics. (History has borne this out in human experience).

I consider it an oversight on the dev's part that enabling players to have 3 starting characters with 3 playable factions would create the expectation of parity among those factions. Even if we have to wait for Season 9, let there be Romulan Fleet Holdings!
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01-21-2014, 01:08 PM
Originally Posted by stofsk View Post
This is an awesome idea, but I don't know how you'd implement it.
With the Reputation and Starbase systems being similar, why not have a donation page that only Romulan players could access? Projects would be focused around a single player, like the Reputation system, and Romulan players simply do the projects. And when it's completed, it's added to the community total. And as the community goals are reached, new stores become accessible or construction moves to the next phase.

Maybe on this same page there is a voting section that allows Romulan players to choose what major project they like to focus on next.

The best thing is, if it proves successful, perhaps similar systems could be added to the other factions as well. Like letting the players decide which ship they like to see next or working towards unlocking access to worlds.
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01-21-2014, 01:24 PM
Would this not be opposed, as taking away all the hard labor that goes into the real fleets though? They would separate the sevices, and provide different ones, in order to avoid such complaints?

I'm warming up to this, and thus we must think of ways to spoil it, before someone else does.

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01-21-2014, 01:32 PM
Originally Posted by capnkirk4 View Post
Unfortunately the way Cryptic implemented the Rommies, doesn't allow for this. They're tied to either Feds, or Klinks. The game doesn't recognize them as a "full" faction. They should've introduced them as their own faction with Tal Shiar, or NRR affiliations. Although the obvious choice, it was probably beyond Cryptic's technical capabilities. They only really needed something to push Romulan lockbox ships, anyhow. Like everything else in this game, it doesn't have to make sense.

Just make the next Fleet offering a Romulan Outpost. Give the Rommies something all dull green on the outside and neon green on the inside and let us all get back to this being Star Trek and not Rommy Trek.
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01-21-2014, 01:42 PM
Originally Posted by malnificent View Post
Just make the next Fleet offering a Romulan Outpost. Give the Rommies something all dull green on the outside and neon green on the inside and let us all get back to this being Star Trek and not Rommy Trek.

Romulans are as Trekky as they come. Now go and paint yourself red or blue, and all your dreams will come out true.

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01-21-2014, 02:15 PM
I'm not opposed to the idea.

I would agree that, in terms of priority, it should be way, way down the to-do list.

For now and forever more, get used to the idea that playable Romulans/Remans are members of a downtrodden society that was faced with near-extinction. That is now part of the 'canon' of this game, and it's highly unlikely to change.

The Republic's resources started out strained and since then have only been strained further by the establishment of New Romulus -- a still unexplored world -- building a fleet to oppose Sela and the Tal Shiar, and the attempt to establish a foothold within the Solanae Sphere. None of these impressive feats would have been possible without help from both the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

It's not too much to suggest that the Republic has insufficient resources to establish more than a handful of starbases. And, most likely, are simply taking over an existing facility rather than building one from scratch.

To me, it's more reasonable to take the existing Starfleet and KDF models and allow fleets to customize them with some Romulan decor and equipment. Basically something like Starfleet did when they took over DS9. That way, Cryptic can open the option to fleets who might not have T-5 starbases, or aren't fully Romulan, and they don't have to build a Romulan starbase from the ground up.

Yes, of course, in the future it's likely that the Republic will continue to expand and be able to stand more or less on their own, with their own starbases. But I don't see that story happening within the lifetime of this game. We're still in 2409, after all.
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Originally Posted by johnny111971 View Post
Personally, and I think it would fit the Romulan persona, there should be a FE series where Rom Captains (regardless of affilitation) are called to New Romulas and let in on a plan where D'Tan used the Federation and the Klingon Empire to get their colony/flotilla and fleet up to size, and now wants to break away and return to a more self sufficient Romulan Republic.

The player is then presented the option to Join the Romulan Republic, or continue on in their current Affiliation (no switch back). If they join the Republic, they are removed from any aligned fleet, and can proceed to form a fleet of their own (on New Romulas) and begin their own bases etc. Opens it as a third stand alone faction.

Just my thoughts on it...

To the OP's point... I wholeheartedly, 110% support the idea of allowing us to pick from a selection of exterior/interior layouts for the starbase...
I am a Romulan. I started a fleet. I'm not going to restart another one. My fleet is a Romulan fleet already, in spite of allied personnel having joined (and they were, and remain, welcome).

Tal'Diann (Phi'Tlaru Rihan) ~(‾.▿.‾)~ Tal'Diann (Romulan Military Intelligence)
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01-21-2014, 03:04 PM
Well. If each of us melt down 49 of those 50 ships, I am sure we can provide the metal needed for a Starbase. Looks to me like the process has turned out circulatory very fast.


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